R&B’s newest supergroup: Soul In Stereo and YouKnowIGotSoul.com

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Batman and Superman. The Avengers. The X-Men. Battletoads and Double Dragon.

Eh, forget that last team. That was kinda lame. The latest combination of blogging superheroes is much cooler than that.

I’m excited to announce that Soul In Stereo, your favorite source for music news and madness, is teaming up with YouKnowIGotSoul.com. In case you aren’t familiar, YKIGS is the Web’s premier locale for the latest and greatest in R&B.

Moving forward, I’ll be contributing R&B album reviews for YKIGS and I haven’t wasted any time.

Here’s my first review: Charlie Wilson’s Love, Charlie. Check it out.

Don’t panic, people, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still have plenty of music reviews here, along all the other columns you know and love – Love Letters, Flashback Friday, What Ever Happened to…, and more.

Here’s to new friendships. I sure hope those YKIGS playas know what they’re getting into. Y’all know how I do.


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