Career Day With Gucci Mane

Parents, if you could select any celebrity to share their wisdom with your child, whom would you pick?

If you said Gucci Mane, log off now and go watch Icki Garbaj on American Idol.

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Yes, that’s Gucci Mane, who was a featured speaker at Crawford Long Middle School in Atlanta. Gucci, looking like someone’s uncle who got lost on his way to pick up lottery tickets and mac n’ cheese, shared sage advice with youngsters.

What on earth could this dude talk about?  Ice cream cone face tats? Pushing women out of moving cars? Fighting other rappers?

Lord, we need to do better. HE needs to do better.

Seriously, I just hope Gucci talked about the consequences of his endless rap sheet instead of glorifying it. Judging by his attire he certainly doesn’t look photoshoot-ready – and that’s a good thing in this case.

By the way, the message on that boy’s backpack probably serves as a better example to the kids behind him than Gucci himself.


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