25 Songs of Christmas: The Temptations, My Christmas Tree

Here at Soul In Stereo, we’re counting down to Christmas by featuring our favorite holiday tracks. Here’s today’s Christmas classic:

When you think of Christmas and The Temptations, I’m sure there’s one song that comes to mind. We’ll get to that one later. First, we’ll take a look at one of their lesser-known holiday tracks.

“My Christmas Tree,” nominated by Trace, is sooooo depressing. Can you imagine looking at your scrawny, dim Christmas tree while reminiscing about your lost love? The tree’s angel “has gone away.” I thought we were supposed to be merry and bright this season?

It’s a beautiful song, no doubt, but you probably won’t hear this one at the company Christmas party.

Want to add your favorite Christmas songs to our monthlong playlist? Simply drop them off at edward@soulinstereo.com, on our Facebook page, on Twitter @etbowser, or stop by the comments section. Merry Christmas, playas! 


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