Election Day: The Choice Is Yours

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Well, folks, the day has arrived and there’s not much left for me to say.

If your guys wins, you’ll celebrate it as America’s rebirth.

If your guy loses, you’ll complain and threaten to move to Canada.

Who am I voting for, you ask? Don’t worry about that. Growing up, my own parents would never tell me whom they voted for. That’s because they wanted me to make my own political decisions and not just vote out of family or cultural obligation. Papa Edd is now passing that lesson down to you.

No matter which way you lean, just make sure your voice is heard. Vote for who you think is the best man for the job. And please don’t waste this opportunity. So much blood was shed for this opportunity. Do your forefathers proud.

Here’s hoping that the lines at polling places are as long as when the new Jordans are released.

Time to make history. See you at the polls.



  1. I’ve always really respected and admired that your parents wouldn’t reveal their voting decisions to you so that you could make up your own mind about issues.

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