1. Edd, honestly, I’ve just spent some great moments of my life watching this clip and the “sh-t Edd says” clip: the Jacksons whispering bit, Eddie Long pics, and George Jefferson comparisons were my favs. Man, that was comedy. Shwhew.

    Look, if Prince can change his name then YOU can change yours, my friend. I hope you’ll still continue the Flashback Friday segments. I wanted to tell you that a man who changed the way I listened to sound is having a birthday next Friday, August 20: Mr. Isaac Hayes himself. What an artist. I learned of him through the movie “Shaft.” As soon as those women in the theme song said “shut your mouth” and Hayes said “but I’m talking ’bout Shaft” and they said “and we can dig it,” well, I walked away a changed being. “He’s a complicated man and no one understands him but his woman…” Just too good.

    What I didn’t know about him is that he actually co-wrote two of the finest songs Sam and Dave ever recorded: “Soul Man” http://youtu.be/Ucp3FJZP2p8 AND “Hold on, I’m Coming” http://youtu.be/XrTDJaBeqnY. Those two brilliant songs alone are better than most can muster in a career.

    However, Isaac Hayes did more than that. He played keyboard on Memphis’ Stax label for one of your earlier Flashback features, Otis Redding (on both “Respect” and “I’ve Been Lovin’ You Too Long”).

    And then he wrote “Shaft” and the album Hot-Buttered Soul and so many other good ones. What a genius.

    So anyway, since you are indeed bringing us Soul in Stereo, I wanted to give you a shout. Before you say, “playa please,” let me wish you and the new gig well. 🙂 Congratulations and talk soon!

  2. Hunter, you never disappoint. Yep, Flashback Friday will still be around and, as usual, you’ve provided more greatness. Thanks for the support, playa!

  3. Ha! And you know this, mayne! I hope the Keith Sweat album falling forward wasn’t an omen (or maybe he was just upset about Mrs. Writeous’ departure). 🙂 Glad to support! I’ll miss GeorgiaMae but I like the new name. You and Javacia need to keep doing those videos, though. Such fun.

  4. Hayes’ bday isn’t next Friday, but it IS August 20th. My counting’s off. 🙂

  5. Love the name Sir Smoove! I’ll miss Jai’s witty point of view but I’m sure she’ll poke her head in once and again. Please believe I’ll be on here to check you out and like georgiamae, I’ll be singing it’s praises to the inept masses so that they too can experience the thoughts in your head. Get yo self that piece of the pie and if you ever need a guest writer, hit me up!

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