Yesterday Edd and I celebrated our sixth anniversary. So much has changed since we said “I do.” 2009 was perhaps the most tumultuous year as that was the year we moved from Louisville, Kentucky to Birmingham, Alabama, leaving behind our journalism careers and the cozy condo that was our first home. But one thing that hasn’t change is how much we value our quality time.

Togetherness is a top priority for us and something of which we are quite protective. If I’m out with my girls they know that once the clock hits a certain hour I’m ready to call it a night and “head home to hubster.” And while Edd is extremely involved in his church and very passionate about ministry, he will bow out of certain activities if he feels they will keep him away from home too often.

This attitude is one probably held by most people in healthy, happy marriages, but I believe there’s something in the history of our relationship that makes us treasure togetherness as much as we do. For two years of our relationship, before we were married, Edd was my long distance love. I was in California attending graduate school at UC Berkeley and he was in Louisville, Ky., working at the local paper where we’d met during an internship. We only saw each other about six times over those two years, but our love was cultivated by the distance. We learned how to communicate and we learned the importance of being best friends.

And because that old adage “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is true, once we were finally living in the city and then even in the same home we still couldn’t see enough of each other. And six years later togetherness is just as precious to us as it was when we were nearly 3,000 miles apart. 

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