FAQs About My Straight Hair

About two or three times a year I shell out some cash to get my hair straightened. The four to six months in between my flat iron rendezvous is somehow enough time for nearly every person in my life to forget that I occasionally straighten my hair. Therefore, when I do smooth out my curls, which I did a few days ago, I am inevitably inundated with questions such as…

Q: Girrrrl, did you get a perm?!?!
A: No. My curls have just been flat ironed straight. No chemical relaxers, just heat.

Q: Did you do it yourself?
A: Nope! I don’t have the patience or upper body strength to tackle this mane of mine. My stylist is Kim Jordan of 1 Hair Expert in Montgomery, Ala. Yes, I drive 80 miles to get my hair done. Kim is that good and her prices are so affordable it makes up for the cash spent on gas. Here’s a post I did on Kim’s method for my hair.

Q: How long with it last?
A: My curls are stubborn and always want to be the center of attention. But if I stay out of the rain and don’t do any cardio workouts I can keep my tresses straight for two weeks or maybe even longer but after two weeks I’m usually bored with the look and ready to get back to my aerobics classes and running.

Q: What made you want to straighten your hair, anyway?
A: Kim prefers to cut my hair while it’s straight (although she can cut curly hair too) so usually I get my hair flat ironed when I need a trim. Sometimes, I get my hair straightened just because I’m bored; and sometimes it’s because I want to wear a cute hat (most of which will not fit over my crazy curls).

Q: Why don’t you wear your hair straight all the time?
A: Why should I? I love my curls. And wearing my hair in its naturally curly state is a better fit for my active lifestyle. I can run at my favorite trail and dance at Body Jam without worrying about messing up my ‘do. And if I want, I can dance in the rain, too.



  1. Don’t you just love the versatility of natural hair?! It looks lovely.

    • Thanks girl. When I bring the curls back I want to make my hair look like yours does in your post on that Forever 21 bag. Your hair is so amazing in that photo!

  2. I agree. I get so many comments – even from people who never speak to me – about my hair when it’s straight. Based on outside perceptions, that’s definitely the preferred style on me. But I love the ability to walk in the rain and work out as hard as I want in the morning and at night without giving a care to my hair.

    • Exactly! Surprisingly, when my hair is straight I don’t get questions from strangers about my hair (probably because they just think it’s weave). It’s when my hair is curly that I’m stopped at least twice a week and asked about my hair. But when my hair is straight all the people who know me seem to freak out.


  4. You forgot “so you just wet it and t curls back up?!”

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