Another Reason to Go to the Gym or My New Fitness Goals

My pretty new dumbbells
Photo by Rachel Kramer Bussel
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In my latest article for Clutch magazine I discuss ways adults, particularly women, can help empower teen girls to have a more positive and healthy self image. While I think we should offer words of encouragement, we also need to walk the talk and be good examples of self-confident women. This means, as I state in my article, not complaining about our weight or waistlines (something I’m very guilty of) in front of young girls and having an active lifestyle. I have learned that one of the best ways to feel good about my body is to focus on what it can do instead of how it looks (which is why I ran 13.1 miles in below freezing temperatures last month).

Last year, after being weight obsessed for months, I got rid of my scale. I decided to replace my goal of “lose 25 pounds” with “complete a half marathon.” And I did it!

After my race I knew I would need a new fitness goal or I’d get fixated on my weight once again. But I couldn’t think of one. I thought of nine! And I’m posting them here so you all can help keep me accountable. Here goes…

1. Make weight training a habit.
I hate lifting weights. It’s boring, it hurts, and too many of the machines require that you stick your butt up in the air for all the gym rats to see. But alas, I know strength training is good for me. Studies show it takes 21 days to form a habit. So I’ll consider this goal accomplished once I do weight training three times a week for three consecutive weeks. (Keep in mind this will probably take me until the end of the year.)

2. Conquer my fear of Body Pump.
From step to spinning to dance aerobics, I love group fitness classes, except for one class — Body Pump. I hate this class. Why? Because it’s a weight lifting class.  Well, it’s a torture chamber disguised as a weight lifting class. But I’m determined to one day become a Body Pump regular. One day.

3. Run a 10-minute mile.
I’m a tortoise on the trail.

4. Complete a 5K in 30 minutes.

5. Complete a 10K in an hour.

6. Complete a half marathon in 2.5 hours.
Yes, I actually plan to put my body through that again.

7. Do 50 push ups without taking a break.
21-year-old Javacia could do this. 31-year-old Javacia is lucky to do 5 push-ups without stopping.

8. Obtain my group fitness instructor certification, again.
I miss being a certified fitness fanatic!

9. Obtain my personal trainer certification.
This has been a dream of mine for over a decade.

What are your fitness goals?



  1. I want to be a personal trainer, too! I am trying to get to that 10-minutes mile myself. We should do one of the free classes at RR Park one day. And I looove weights! I see results more quickly with weights than I do with cardio. You can DO eet!

  2. These are awesome goals! And I love that you’re focusing on what your body is capable of, rather than the number on the scale. I need change my focus too.

  3. Thanks so much, Jennifer!

    Karri, I need you to inspire me to love weight lifting. Even when I taught aerobics and taught a sculpting class I hated weight lifting. I need your help!

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