10 Things I Love About My Quirky Husband

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you hate this holiday, you might want to leave this blog now and come back tomorrow. There’s a major sap fest ahead because Edward and I love any excuse to gush over each other. Sickening I know, but that’s just how we are.

Whenever Edd calls or texts me Beyonce’s “Countdown” begins to play as that is my special ringtone for my special guy. While it may annoy people around me (especially since I let it play long enough for me to get in a quick dance) whenever I hear this song blasting from my Blackberry I can’t help but smile (and dance). It reminds me that 2012 marks my 10th year of knowing Edd. So in honor of Valentines’ Day here is a little countdown of 10 things I love about him.

10 years ago we met. I thought he was the weirdest, er, quirkiest guy I’d ever known. He ate French fries with a fork and constantly raved about Keith Sweat being the best artist of all time.  I wrote an entire journal entry about his idiosyncrasies. I guess you can say he made an impression.

9 is considered an unlucky number by the Japanese because it sounds similar in pronunciation to the word for pain. I know that because Edd told me so. He knows that because he’s a nerd. I love nerds. Edd is the kind of guy who uses SAT vocabulary words in casual conversations, not to show off but because that’s just how he talks. Be still my beating heart.

8 April 2006 (to write the date in proper MLA format) I became Edd’s wife.  In my vows I said I couldn’t call him the man of my dreams because he surpassed anything my imagination could invent. (That line even made my male friends cry.) Nearly six years later, he continues to surprise me day after day.  

7th installment of Wrestlemania features Edward’s favorite match ever – Macho Man versus. Ultimate Warrior. His fascination with wrestling still baffles me, but I guess it’s no different from most men’s love of football and basketball and never once has he said to me “Shh! The game is on.”  He gets major points for that.

6 days a week he insists on wearing a tie. For Edd, going to work without a tie is like showing up with no pants and attending church without wearing a suit is as sacrilegious as that Nicki Minaj Grammy performance. I make fun of him and his old-fashioned ways all the time. But I secretly like it. I love a man who can dress!

5 times a day, approximately, I burst into laughter as I think back on something hilarious he’s said the night before or written on this blog. My colleagues and students probably think I need to be committed.

4 greatest rappers to ever live, in Edd’s opinion, are Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, and Rakim. I pity the fool who tries to argue with him about that or anything related to hip-hop. He’s an urban music encyclopedia and whether it’s about rap, religion, or the McRib, he stands up for what he believes in. Always. He never backs down. (This is why we never fight. I know I won’t win.)

3 times he’s sent flowers to me just because, and that’s just counting the times he’s sent flowers to my current job. He’s been making me the envy of my female co-workers since 2003.

2 years of our relationship were spent nearly 3,000 miles apart. Yet, somehow this distance only made our bond stronger. Not once did he make me feel guilty for going off to California for my master’s degree. He even encouraged me to hang in there when I wanted to drop out and come home.

1 day I just might make a 3 from that 2 because he still is and always will be the 1.

For you babe,



  1. That was super sweet and very funny. I think i remember him eating fries with a fork in high school. Only one of the many quirks my boy got. I’m one to talk though, I got a whole lot of them myself.

    Very cool and appropriate post! Love the way you two love each other!

  2. Awww…good for you. Husband and I tend to be a little mushy as well. Every relationship needs a little cheese.

  3. I just got a little misty and giggled all at the same time.

  4. That was sappy. I love it!! I am so glad you got Edd!!

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