Edd’s MANtra: Drake vs. Common: Aubrey Don’t Want It With Com

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If you haven’t already, go out and cop Common’s new album. It’s a great Christmas present for the true hip-hop fan.

Too bad Common himself isn’t in the spirit of the season.

In my review of The Dreamer, The Believer, I mentioned Common’s song “Sweet,” in which Com gets his Grinch on and threatens to invicerate your favorite underachieving rappers. “Sweet” doesn’t mention names but vague threats targeting “singing rappers” caught the ear of your favorite sweetheart, Drake.

When asked if he thought that “Sweet” specifically targeted him, Drake, to his credit, manned up and said: “If Common got something to say, say it to my face.” Common quickly responded – he admitted that “Sweet” targets Drake (and anyone else who has a problem with it) and that he’d have no problem sparking a rap battle with young Aubrey.

Of course, this had the Internet goin’ nutz (word to Paul Wall) in anticipation of a Drake-Common showdown.

Slow your roll, kiddies.

As I said in my review, it’s clear that “Sweet” is chastising ALL of the crappy music flooding the airwaves, not just Drowzy Drake. Aubrey, unsurprisingly, just caught feelings (I mean, have you listened to his album?) and Common is just defending his material. I’ll bet you a plate of Rick Ross hot wings (UHH) that nothing comes of this “beef.”

And that’s good news for Drake’s career. Drake DOES NOT want a problem with Common.

Oh, how easily we forget. Common is not just the guy who dates Queen Latifah in dumb basketball movies and makes happy songs with Maya Angelou – he’s the guy who slapped the activator out of Ice Cube’s jheri curl a few years ago.

And I’m talking about THIS Ice Cube, the most evil, gangsta man in America:

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Not this Ice Cube.

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Witness the carnage:

Common effortlessly shut down rap’s biggest threat at the time. Who is rap’s biggest thug now? Rick Rawssse and his Red Lobster raps? Playa please. Are we supposed to be intimidated by his asthmatic ad-libs (UHH)? It certainly isn’t Drake – he’s about as hard as my Downy fabric softener.

Remember that Ja Rule guy? Back in 2002, he was ALL OVER radio and the oversaturation (along with his increasing cockiness) started to wear on fans’ nerves. Sound familiar, Young Money fans? When 50 Cent popped up and lyrically shoved his foot up Ja’s rectum, the floodgates opened and Ja drowned in the backlash. He NEVER recovered. Drake might face a similar fate if he isn’t careful.

I doubt this Common-Drake debacle goes anywhere but if it does, Drake better keep his mouth shut. Common just might Mortal Kombat his career.

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  1. Do I smell a Luda + Common collabo??

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