Help me, I’m 30!

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While many people dread turning 30, early this year I was counting down the days to this monumental birthday. I was busy planning a weekend long celebration and even created a vision board representing all the things I wanted to accomplish during this glorious decade.

My birthday came, I had a great time celebrating, and I got to work on all those dreams. 

Then something happened.

A few months ago I got hit with the “Oh no, I’m 30!” blues. Read my latest article for Clutch magazine to find out what sent me into this funk and how I pulled myself out. 

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  1. I LOVED 30 and was so excited going into my 30s. Now, just 2 short months from turning 40, I’m starting to freak a little. Not a lot, just a little. Great ideas here! I’m going to make a board of the things I HAVE accomplished, not the things I have “failed” to do, and use it as a reminder instead of something with which to beat myself over the head. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. As i approach 30 (29th year begins 12/14), I find myself falling into the “what have I done with my life” trap!! You have given me some insights as to how to avoid slipping into a funk and helped me to realize I’m not an absolute failure after all! 🙂
    I take away from this that I have figured a lot out through trial and error, I have a lot to be thankful for thus far, and I still have a lifetime ahead of me to accomplish the things I haven’t yet! Vision board on deck!!

  3. Mariesa, that’s such a great idea: an accomplishments board. I just might do that!

    Tralana, a blogger I used to follow years ago decided that for her 29th year she would countdown to 30 by doing one new thing every day. Something to think about. It might be fun!

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