My Five Favorite Fall Accessory Trends

Last week at the Fro Fashion Week conference I had a chance to attend a great workshop by London James of Sooo Chic Accessories on the latest trends in accessories. Here are my five favorite fall accessory trends. 

The infinity scarf 

Old Navy scarf

Because this is one of my favorite fall trends, I was quite excited to get new ideas of how to wear the infinity scarf. You can wear it as a hood by placing it around your head and then twisting and looping it back over your head for a tres chic headscarf/neckscarf style. Or, if the scarf is large and long enough, you can wear it on your shoulders like a shawl. 

Collared necklace

The choker has an updated look with the collared necklace. 

Mixing metal

No longer feel that you have to choose between silver and gold or cooper and nickel. Feel free to mix metals as shown above. 

Geometric shapes

This is one of the hot new trends with earrings. London recommends sporting these with a button-down collared shirt. And remember there’s no need for a necklace. You want all eyes on your fabulous earrings.

Structured Bag

Trade in that slouch hobo bag for a structured purse. I love these bags because they’re so versatile. They’re professional enough to take to work, yet trendy and stylish enough to tote on the weekends. 

*All items from Sooo Chic Accessories unless otherwise noted. 



  1. Maybe I should get one of those infinity thingys

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