Summer’s Eve: Keeping Your Vagina Fresh, Clean, and Ethnic

Are the Summer’s Eve “All Hail the V” ads racist? That’s the question Clutch magazine posed to readers earlier this week regarding a recent series of commercials featuring talking vaginas —one Black, one Latina, and one white—all speaking in a rather stereotypical manner. Take a look for yourself. 

Initially I was too disturbed by the idea of talking vaginas and the realization that I can make my hand look like one to even focus on the race issue. (No, I’m not afraid of lady parts, I just don’t want to see any body part, other than the mouth, talking.) I think Summer’s Eve had good intentions — trying to celebrate the female body in a positive way and trying to ensure that all women felt represented — but the blatant use of stereotypes overshadows that. When the black vagina said she was going to hit the club I flipped and when the Latina vagina said “Boo” I was done.

What do you think? 


  1. I think the Latin one was the one that ibprobably had the biggest issue with. Especially when she went on a speaking Spanish rant. I also agree that they could have Showed black pep in a better light. But hey it could have been worse…. They could have said something about watermelon, kool aid or chicken but they refrained. And once again I feel they made white American look a little more superior bc they didn’t really show off that bad of stereotypes if at all. But I’m not mad honestly bc like u said the intentions were good.

    – ya boi matt

  2. First of all WHO came up with these ads? LMAO. I don’t see a problem with them though… I complain about a lot of media related things, but this is fine.

  3. WOW. That’s all I can say.

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