Monday, July 25, 2011

Singer-songwriter Nikki Jean got her start as part of Philly indie/hip hop group Nouveau Riche.  In 2008 she toured with Kanye West on his Glow In The Dark Tour. She has collaborated with Lupe Fiasco, Carole King, and Bob Dylan. She released her debut album Pennies in a Jar. Enjoy!

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-- Desiree

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  1. I've become quite a fan of Nikki Jean. Along with those song Desiree mentioned, check out her track "Pennies In A Jar." Love it.

  2. Yes, "Pennies in a Jar" is wonderful. The entire album is. Here's a link to the title track:

    And here's a link to Steel & Feathers (Don't Ever), one of my other favorites:


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