Flashback Friday: The Roots and Paula Cole

It’s Friday! Here are two great albums to kick off your weekend. 

@artblt shared this classic via Twitter:

The Roots, Do You Want More?!!!??! (1995)

Edd said: I love hip hop, but I wouldn’t dare call 90 percent of hip-hop artists “musicians.” The Roots are the exception to the rule.The Philadelphia-bred band is renowned for their jazzy approach to hip hop, using live instruments instead of rapping over canned, synthesized beats. Do You Want More?!!!??!, their major-label debut, is often mentioned as one of hip hop’s all time greatest albums – thanks to eclectic instrumentation and the vastly underrated wordplay of lyricist Black Thought.

Also check out:
“Silent Treatment”
“Distortion to Static”

Here’s what’s on Javacia’s playlist:

Paula Cole, This Fire (1996)

Jai said: Even if you only listen to rap and R&B, chances are you know at least one Paula Cole song. Her hit “I Don’t Want to Wait” was ubiquitous in the late 90s thanks to it being the theme song of the show “Dawson’s Creek.” That song, however, doesn’t truly represent Cole’s unique and edgy sound. From the ironic “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” to the sensuous “Feelin’ Love,” This Fire is one of the few albums I own that I can slide into my CD player and not skip a single track.

Also check out:
“I Don’t Want to Wait”

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  1. Y’all are on point with this Flashback Friday!!! Those were the days when music made you bop your head and you ran to the cd store to purchase an album.

  2. WHAT?!!!! Y’all got our album on here! WHAT??!! HOTTNESS!!!! LOVE The Roots.

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