Flashback Friday: D’Angelo and Mariah Carey

The weekend is almost here! Let’s celebrate with some throwback albums.

Here’s what Edward is listening to:

D’Angelo, Brown Sugar (1995)

Edd said: Many of my friends consider me insane for thinking this but I’m not a fan of soul man D’Angelo’s highly-touted sophomore album, Voodoo. It’s way too moody and sleepy for my tastes. They say I don’t “get it.” I “get it” all right – I get sleepy. I think that D’Angelo’s best work by far is his mid-90s debut. D’Angelo merged  70s soul, funk and hip hop into an instant classic, which in time would pave the way for the neo-soul movement. Brown Sugar is laid back and smooth, but never dull and meandering. Go ahead, keep playing practicing your boring Voodoo; I’ll be entertained by much sweeter sounds.

Also check out:


“Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine”

What’s on Javacia’s playlist?:

Mariah Carey, Butterfly (1997)

Jai said: Say what you want about Mariah Carey’s nervous breakdowns, outrageous shoe collection, and peculiar taste in men, but the girl can sang!  And if you can get over her ridiculous album titles you’ll realize the girl also can write. The lyrics of the songs from her Butterfly album stand above most R&B and pop releases as she paints vivid pictures and evokes emotion with her stories of love lost and found. 

Also check out:

“Fourth of July”

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  1. Shermika would FLIP if she saw THIS post. She is a D’Angelo groupie! LOL. I broke her CD (this is her fav) & she has forgotten about it….Shhhhh!!! ;0)

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