Why I Hope Natural Hair Is Not a Fad

Ten years ago when my cousin/BFF and I decided to start wearing our hair in its naturally curly state we felt quite alone in our journey. There were no natural hair blogs or meetups, at least not that we knew of, and though Carol’s Daughter had been created there was no way for two broke college girls in Alabama to get to these New York products. 

Recently that has all changed and natural hair has become the thing to do in the world of fashion and beauty. At first I was a bit bitter about this, quick to tell people “I was natural before it was cool.” Eventually I got off my natural hair high horse. But I still wonder if the new natural hair craze is just a fad.  I, for one, hope it is here to stay.
The reason I hope going natural is not a fad, however, has little to do with hair. 
Last week I attended the inaugural event for a new social group for Birmingham naturalistas. The group, known as Birmingham Natural Beauties, met for happy hour at a local Italian bistro. I knew it was going to be a good night before I even walked through the door. As I approached the restaurant I could see through the wide windows an array of brown skin ladies sporting curly coifs, braids, locs, twist outs, and more. It was beautiful. I walked in and immediately began conversation after conversation with the women in the room, most of which I’d never met before that Tuesday night. Of course our chats began with questions like: What products do you use? and What’s your regular hair regimen? But soon we were talking about our families, our career aspirations, our hobbies, and much more. We were forming fast friendships and it all started with talk about our tresses. The energy in the room was indescribable.
And this is why I hope natural hair is not a fad. The sense of sisterhood and spirit of community I felt on Tuesday was magical and it’s something I never want to go away. 

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Birmingham Natural Beauties was created by Katrina Watson (far right).

Here I am with my new gal pal La’Shara Long



  1. This looks great! I cannot wait to attend the next meet-up.

  2. Great write up! I enjoyed meeting you and can’t wait to get together again!

  3. Shermika, our next meetup is June 14. I hope you can make it.

    Mrs. AKAtude, I had so much fun chatting with you last week.

    I look forward to seeing you both next week at See Jane Tweet. Thanks for stopping by GeorgiaMae!

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