The Ugly Duckling

Yes, this woman is hideous. Right?

To all my black, female readers, I’m sure you all have heard the news by now: we’re ugly.

When I first learned about the recent Psychology Today article that claims a so-called “objective” study proved that black women are “less physically attractive than all other women,” I had no intentions of writing about it. Yes, I am a black woman and therefore I should be pissed, but Shani O. Hilton, writing for The Hairpin, outlines perfectly why I don’t put much stock in this article:

So … maybe we should just dismiss the Psychology Today writer who uses Science to prove that black women are uglier, dumber, fatter, and more masculine than other races of women? After all, this is the person who illustrated a post about how criminals look different from noncriminals with a picture of O.J. Simpson. He’s also the same person who says men are more intelligent than women, that we should profile Arabs who want to travel by air, that feminism is evil, and that all women are prostitutes.

With so many people talking about this issue, however, I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t address this matter in some way. 

But here’s the thing: this is nothing new. Many black women, especially those of us with darker skin, have always dealt with the media, society, and sometimes even our own family members telling us we’re unattractive. And frankly, we’re over it. Should we be in some sort of panic now because some quack is supposedly trying to back up racism and colorism with pseudo-science?

Was I supposed to read that article, sob into my pillow, and then go bleach my skin, lose weight, straighten my nappy hair and figure out a way to do something about my “masculine features” so Edd won’t leave me for a white girl? To channel my hubster, playa please!

I read that article, laughed, and then went about my business, the business of being my beautiful self. Racist fake scientists and anyone else who doesn’t like the way I look can kiss my fat, black ass. That is all. Have a great day!


  1. Love it!!! You said it best!!! It’s a shame and he’s probably using government money for his so called research. SMDH

  2. Thanks, nikki. And yes that is a shame.

    But here’s an awesome quote I found today on one of my favorite blogs:

    “Her beauty cannot be measured with standards of a colonized mind.”
    – Michelle NdegeOcello

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