Love Letters: Holy Matrimony

Love was so much easier when we were young. All you had to do was check a box on a sheet of notebook paper:

I would always check “maybe.” Each and every time.

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Here’s today’s question:

Should having different religions be a major factor in a relationship?

Looking for Divine Intervention, D.L.

One of my great loves is participating in youth ministry. As part of my duties, it’s my responsibility to break down the Bible and make it relatable to the children.

Gather ’round, kiddies, let me break this one down to you.

You may have heard of the term unequally yoked. It goes back to the Bible days, when animals were used to plow fields. In order to plow a straight line, two of the same type of animals had to be used. For example, using two mules guaranteed that the careful farmer had two animals with the same build, going at the same pace, ensuring that fields were plowed evenly. Hence, equally yoked. Now if the careless farmer used a mule and a cow, you’d have two animals with two different paces – and wind up with some jacked-up looking rows. That’s being unequally yoked.

Partners having different religions is a MAJOR factor in a relationship. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve cut off some fine ladies who didn’t share my views. As I’ve mentioned here time and again, why even bother starting a relationship when you and your partner are already on two different pages? Do you think your church-hating boyfriend will approve of you “giving away” 10 percent of your gross earnings to “those church folk?” Will your girlfriend feel neglected when spend every Wednesday night with your small group homies? When your mate lacks a connection to those religious activities, it can be hard for them to understand them. Those feelings of confusion and neglect will lead to strife.

Of course, not everyone is that close-minded and two people of different religions can certainly make it work. But it won’t be easy. Even if things look fine on the surface, morality issues may arise later – especially if children come into the picture.

So you mules out there, think twice before hooking up with that cow.


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