Review of Curls Milkshake and Cashmere Curls

This product junkie has yet to kick her habit. 

Most recently I decided to experiment with a couple of products by Curls

After shampooing and conditioning my hair I applied Curls Milkshake– a blend of natural milks, plant extracts, and jojoba oil– and combed it through my hair. I LOVE the scent of this product. It really does smell like a vanilla milkshake. And I like that it’s made from more natural products including certified organic aloe vera juice. Curls Milkshake is meant to give us curly girls “light, frizz free, defined curls.” 

Since I usually use two products in my hair, after combing through Curls Milkshake I applied Cashmere Curls. I wasn’t as crazy about the scent of this product and since it’s a gel-like serum I was worried it would make my hair sticky or hard, but it didn’t. 

My hair was incredibly light and soft that day, but it was also incredibly big. See!

While I received a few compliments on my hair that day, I wasn’t too happy with the results because my curls weren’t as defined as I prefer them. Now that I’m working on this review I’ve realized that the instructions recommend using Cashmere Curls “under” another Curls product. Oops! So perhaps I will try these products together again, actually follow directions and see if I get better results. I also plan to try to use Curls Milkshake with my go-to product Hair Milk Lite by Carol’s Daughter. Stay tuned for an update. 



  1. Let me know how it wks out. I’ve been using coconut milk serum from CVS and bumble and bumble course curl and its good but very expensive when u have a small bottle and want to wear ur hair curly all week. La’Toya H.

  2. I used Bumble & Bumble a few years back. I should try their products again. I remember liking them a lot, but as you said, I also remember them being pretty pricey. I’ll check out the coconut milk serum too. Thanks for reading the blog and for commenting.

  3. Looks good! I will be looking forward to the next review, when you try them in reverse order. The availability and price points make them attractive. Might have to pick them up soon.

  4. do you think you applied enough product to the back, and applied in smaller sections? Also maybe the Curls Gel-les’c might help hold the curls

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