Edd’s MANtra: Cousin Chris Brown – Still Stupid

You know, I had no intention of writing about my Cousin Chris Brown today, despite his album being released. That cheapskate could have at least sent me a copy to review.

But alas, Cousin Chris is up to his old tricks. Did you check out his interview on Good Morning America? Here’s a link.

Clearly, Breezy was annoyed by Robin Roberts’ line of questioning. But just how annoyed? From TMZ.com:

Chris Brown exploded in rage behind the scenes at Good Morning America, smashing a window and storming out without a shirt … sources tell TMZ … and it was triggered by on-air questions about the Rihanna incident.

Facebook and Twitter went nuts, proclaiming that Chris Brown has gone crazy.

To paraphrase Chris Rock: Chris Brown didn’t go crazy. Chris Brown went Chris Brown.

Don’t get me wrong, the dude has a right to be a little irritable. Cousin Chris was merely there to talk about his new album. And when Roberts continually tried to steer the conversation back to the two-year-old Rihanna drama, he wisely kept going back to his album. I can’t fault him. Really, at that point, his only sin was going on TV looking like a muddy Eminem, with his bad dyejob and ridiculous tattoos.

But, in typical Breezy fashion, he couldn’t leave well enough alone. He reportedly ran around backstage screaming, tore his shirt off, smashed a window with a chair and ran outside shirtless. Somebody watched too much wrestling last night.

All you Chris Brown apologists shouldn’t even waste your breath on this one – there is no way his actions can be defended. Roberts did her job as an interviewer and brought up the Rihanna issue – as any interviewer worth her salt would have. Yes, I do think she harped on it a bit too much but does getting annoyed with an interviewer justify terrorizing a television set? Besides, Roberts claims that CB approved all of her questions beforehand so Cousin Chris had an opportunity to protest – but didn’t.

After Cousin Chris showed his legendary toughness by frightening hair stylists and camera operators,  he hit up Twitter (of course) to whine about how Charlie Sheen is praised for acting like a fool while he is demonized for … um … acting like a fool. What sense does that make? That blonde dye is seeping into his brain.

In his attempt to travel the high road and deflect the negative Rihanna press, Cousin Chris resorted to the same ol’ hot-headed ignorance that got him in trouble in the first place.

But as long as y’all keep buying his records and defending his actions, don’t expect Ike Turner 2011 to behave anytime soon.



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