Crafty Lady

Did you know that March was National Craft Month? 

Yeah, I didn’t either until a couple weeks ago, but I have always had aspirations of being a crafty lady. However, despite my literary bent, I’m better at calculus than I am at art. Still I often try my hand at arts and crafts and I’ve discovered the joy of painting pottery. 

I realize this isn’t quite as exciting as making clothes or handbags but you’d be surprised by how relaxing it can be. 

Cities across the country have shops that offer folks like me the chance to paint plates, mugs, bowls, figurines, vases, picture frames and much more. About a week and a half ago I went to Painted By U here in Birmingham to celebrate a gal pal’s birthday. With the smooth sounds of Sade playing in the background, I designed a mug that’s so girly it needs a bra. Check it out:



  1. i love pottery painting. it’ s a secret vice of mine, and something i like to do all by my lonesome, or with friends

  2. Blogette, I am considering going all by my lonesome one day too with my iPod and just enjoying a relaxing afternoon of music and art.


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