Love Letters: Sidetracked by the Superficial

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Here’s today’s question:

Why are men so superficial?

Fed Up With the Fake, bj

Why are men so superficial? I have a question of my own: Why are women so superficial?

Back in college, I dated about a half dozen women who said “you would be perfect if you were a few inches taller.” Yes, I’m 5’6, but the women who were saying this were 5’3 -wearing high heels and standing on Justin Bieber’s head!

Superficial tendencies aren’t just characteristics of neanderthal men. Being superficial is so easy, even a cavewoman could do it.

The reason we’re so superficial is because we’re swayed by the standards of beauty dictated to us by the media. Whether we’re told that a beautiful woman is rail thin or has a butt the size of a Buick or that a desirable man has a bottomless wallet or P90X abs, we’re constantly being bombarded with images of what is supposed to be sexy.

I can understand kids and teens being swayed by those images but as adults we should know better. Just like rational adults realize that they can’t eat jellybeans and ice cream for dinner, they should be able to look through media’s smokescreen of an “ideal” mate. We all have our personal preferences but ladies (and guys too) don’t miss out on a good thing by being stuck on the superficial.


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