30 Firsts Before My 31st

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Today is the big day. My 30th birthday is finally here and I plan to celebrate for the next four days. As most of you know I love lists, especially lists of goals and cool things I want to do. As a prelude to the partying, this week I decided to compile a list of 30 things I’ve never done before that I’d like to do while I’m 30. So I present to you 30 firsts before my 31st.

1. Go on a fabulous girls’ trip (Essence Music Festival, anyone?)
2. Attend Fro Fashion Week in the fall. 
3. Lead a Church of the Highlands small group. 
4. Relaunch GeorgiaMae.com.
5. Host a natural hair meet up.
6. Host a vision board party (ladies, you’re all invited!). 
7. Go to a fun Halloween party. (I’ve been to plenty of Halloween parties as an adult, but none of them have been fun. Will someone help me change that please?)
8. Reach my happy weight.
9. Become a Feministing contributor.
10. Organize a family fun day at Spring Valley Beach.
11. Post a blog entry every day for a month.
12. Revamp my wardrobe.
13. Write a book. 
14. Start a Georgia Mae newsletter.
15. Make my own hair product.
16. Get a tattoo.
17. Figure out my life mission, or as my hero Holly Wagner calls it, my God assignment.
18. Pretend to be a real adult and send Christmas letters.
19. Go the the Crawfish Boil. 
20. Have a picnic at Railroad Park with the hubster.
21. Buy something cool from Naked Art Gallery.
22. Attempt the Six Items or Less Challenge. 
23. Get published in Skirt.
24. Get published at Clutch.
25. Write for Hairpin.
26. Get published on Jezebel.
27. Read How Did You Get This Number.
28. Compose a video blog post.
29. Try Dance Trance.
30. Try PYT (That stands for Pole Yourself Thin, and yes, it’s a pole dancing class.) 



  1. That’s awesome! Happy 30th! Have a great time this year reaching all those goals!
    The year I was 31, I did 31 things I’d never done before and obsessively documented them with photos and souvenirs. At the end of the year I did a scrapbook of all of them. It still makes me giggle to look through it. I went on a cruise, learned the electric slide, hosted one of “those” parties (the kind that were legal in VA, but are not in AL), got my first crown (from the dentist), drank a pina colada on the beach in Mexico, etc. The year-long project certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone – but it was so much fun!

    Enjoy your day and your year, my fellow Aquarian!

  2. Sounds fun! Go for it!

  3. What about the Georgia Mae Natural Hair meet and greet? That should be on the list too.

  4. It is on the list. It’s #5.

  5. When you hit 30, your eyes are the first things to go.

  6. Sooooo I am in for Essence and the tattoo. If possible I will do Halloween party with you. Let me make a list. I can guarantee there will be no book writing on publishing for me but I know you can do it!!!-

  7. and the wardrobe makeover too! =)

  8. Mariesa, your list makes mine sound so lame! 🙂

    I like the scrapbook idea. Maybe I’ll do that too in addition to blogging about the events.

    I realize I misread your other comment. I’ve hosted one of “those” parties too back when I lived in B’ham and I thought they were illegal in AL, but I recently learned that they’re not.

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