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I’m sure you noticed yesterday that Georgia Mae has a new look. We’re in the midst of redesigning the blog. I know some of you may miss all the pretty pinks that the site used to boast, but I hope you’ll appreciate our efforts to give Georgia Mae a cleaner, more professional look. (And don’t worry; we’ll soon add gadgets and do-dads to liven things up.)
You’ll also notice that posts will include what we call in the newspaper business jumps. This means that on the home page you’ll find roughly half of a post then you’ll need to click a link that says “Read more” to get the rest of the post. Again, this is another effort to clean up the front page.
The new design also makes it easier for you to tell your friends how awesome you think we are. When you read a post and it’s so good that you just can’t keep it to yourself, don’t! You can share it with others via email, your own Blogger site, Twitter, Facebook, or Google Buzz with the simple click of a button. (You’ll find the buttons at the bottom of each post.) We’d love for you guys to share a post at least once a week. We can’t spread the word about Georgia Mae without your help. Thanks for reading!



  1. dont miss the pink at all!

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