Monday, May 31, 2010

After a nearly month-long sabbatical, I'm back and ready to blog. I survived my first year of teaching high school and with two months off (still can't wrap my brain around that) I can devote most of my time to making into the site I've always wanted it to be. I want you to be part of this journey, so be sure to check the site daily for new posts. 

I took a break from blogging mostly because I was drowning in research papers that had to be graded before exam week. But this month I also wrote a column for Birmingham Weekly, a local alternative newspaper, about lupus and the Walk for Lupus Now Birmingham event coming up on Saturday. Click here to check it out. 

Be sure to stop by tomorrow as we talk foodies and feminism. 

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 

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This month's "Slept On' artist is Lalah Hathaway. The daughter of legendary soul singer Donnie Hathaway, Lalah has been in the game for over 20 years and has released five albums.  She is not only a singer, but a songwriter and producer who has worked with stars such as Mary J. Blige.  Enjoy!

"Better and Better"

"That Was Then"

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Former child star Gary Coleman died today at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo after suffering an intracranial hemorrhage earlier this week. He was 42. 

We 80s babies know Coleman best for his role  as Arnold Jackson in the hit sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes." Coleman's acting career as an adult fell short of his child star glory days, but he made occasional guest appearances on TV shows and movies. Coleman also made an unlikely run for California governor. His slogan was: "I'm the least qualified guy for the job, but I'd probably do the best job."

Coleman, whose adult height was 4 feet 8 inches, was born with failed kidneys and had undergone two transplants by age 14. His growth was permanently stunted by the side effects of dialysis medications.

According to the L.A. Times, Coleman, a resident of Santaquin, Utah,  had been hospitalized Wednesday and lost consciousness the next day. He was taken off life support Friday afternoon with his family at his side.

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Kanye's new single. And you know what? It ain't half bad!

What do y'all think?

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A couple of days ago, I mentioned former Kut Klose singer Athena Cage in one of my infamous "Whatever Happened to..." columns. To this day, I still don't understand why she didn't get a fair shake as a solo artist. She could sing, she was attractive, and she had the all-important stamp of approval from an already established artist.

I guess we could blame the tepid response to her mediocre first single, but I don't see how that alone did her in. People still think Usher's first single was 1997's "You Make Me Wanna," forgetting all about the super-cheezy "Can U Get Wit It" video from '94. Whose idea was it for the boy to fake a nosebleed? If he rebounded, why couldn't she?

I guess the world will never know.

Here are a few other artists who should have progressed much further than they did.

Bubba Sparxxx

Initially known as "Timbaland's Eminem," Bubba proved that he was no Marshall Mathers clone when he picked up a mic. Although he's best remembered for 2001's "Ugly," his early albums (especially the criminally underrated Deliverance in 2003) showcased witty wordplay that painted vivid pictures of the South. Timbo was at the height of his beatmaking creativity too, making quite a dynamic duo.

Why it didn't work out: While he overcame the Eminem comparisons, I think his "hick-hop" shtick came off as gimmicky. Sadly, people missed out on some excellent verses.

Kiley Dean

Pat yourself on the back if you remember this girl. Kiley, another Timbaland protege, was signed to his ill-fated Beat Club records in 2002. Despite an amazing voice - sounding like mix between Christina Aguilera and Brandy - her album was shelved. Which is a shame - everything I heard from it was pretty good. She had truckloads of potential. Last time I checked, she was signed to Beyonce's daddy's label. But he's too busy being Beyonce's daddy and having kids out of wedlock to be bothered with her.

Why it didn't work out: Easy. For those who don't remember, check out her first single, "Make Me A Song," which featured this hook: "Can you give me a song like Rock The Boat/Rock The Boat/ Rock the Boat?/Can you give me a song that you and Missy (Elliott) wrote/Missy wrote/Missy wrote?" Aaliyah had passed away just a year earlier and her fans were PISSED. In their eyes Dean was using Aaliyah's name in vain and was blatantly vying to be her replacement. Poor Kiley didn't stand a chance.

The Lady of Rage

"Rockin'" Robin Allen is probably only remembered for her afro puffs and for being "the big girl" on The Steve Harvey Show. But no one remembers her demolishing microphones in the mid-90s. Her awesome 1997 debut, Necessary Roughness, combined with her Hollywood clout and support from big names like Snoop Dogg, seemed like a recipe for success. I thought she'd pick up where Queen Latifah left off.

Why it didn't work out: Check the year - 1997. That year was dominated by Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. And while both were pretty decent artists, let's be honest, it was their money-grubbing sex talk that got them in the spotlight. Sadly, that's still the case today. That wasn't Rage's forte'.

Kelly Price

I remember it like it was yesterday - when I heard "Friend of Mine," Kelly's first single back in 1998, I got chills. But I had no idea who she was! This was back in the Stone Ages when artists didn't have stuff all over the Internet. It was tough tracking down new songs. With the help of Desiree (who was on her Progressive Soul grind even back then), we realized that Kelly was the woman who sang backup in a lot of Bad Boy's hits in the late 90s. Kelly's debut, Soul Of A Woman, still stands as my favorite album of all time. Listening to it, I just knew we were witnessing the birth of our generation's Aretha Franklin. Kelly certainly had a fair share of success but she never reached superstardom.

Why it didn't work out: Bad timing. If she came on the scene five years earlier, she would have taken Toni Braxton's role. Heading into the 2000s, it was all about showmanship. For instance, she was completely overshadowed in her "Friends of Mine Remix" by R. Kelly and Ron Isley pretending to be Scarface, despite having the best vocals by far. Music was moving beyond "people who can sing well" to "people who are entertaining." A shame.

Can you name some artists who should have made it big but didn't?

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

For those of you who have been keeping up with Georgia Mae's album reviews, you know that we've had lots of good music released this year.

For a change.

I expect that trend to continue throughout the year. One album I'm especially intrigued by is Kanye West's new joint, which promises to be a return to the Kanye of old. It's no secret that I thought his last album was an unlistenable, self-absorbed piece of garbage, but before that tragedy he had always dropped gems. I contend that his debut, College Dropout, is one of the the best albums in the hip-hop history.

In recent years, he's been known more for his antics than his music - constantly running his mouth, beating up cameramen and embarrassing little girls. Add one more antic to that list - Kanye has told his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose to shut up! From

Sources are saying that Kanye West has signed a multi-million dollar contract with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose to "silence" her from speaking about his personal life. She reportedly agreed to never reveal any details about the rapper in return for cash. An insider says, "It's pretty common to have 'silence' agreements amongst entertainers. I heard that Amber's getting seven figures to keep her lips closed." Hmm, we wonder why Kanye is shelling out so much to keep Amber's mouth closed. What does he have to hide??

As typically childish as this seems, a part of me can't blame Kanye for wanting to keep his business behind closed doors. No one knew who Amber Rose was before she started hanging around him (have we even heard her speak yet?) and it's possible that she could start dishing dirt just to remain in the spotlight.

Don't act like it hasn't happened before. Superhead was simply a music industry plaything until she started yakking about the genitals of your favorite celebrities.

And the most recent example is groupie Kat Stacks, who claims to have slept with such stellar examples of manhood as Fabolous and the Young Money collective, minus Lil Wayne and Drake.

Quick - name three members of Young Money besides Lil Wayne and Drake.

Bet you can't. So essentially, she's bragging about sleeping with a bunch of no-name, D-list rappers. Putting "I slept with Gudda Gudda" on your resume won't get you into Princeton.

In an age where desperate women are doing ANYTHING to get noticed, I can't blame Kanye for wanting to watch his back. However, my real question is why these dudes continue to sleep with women they don't trust? If Kanye thinks Amber Rose is a blabbermouth, why keep her around in the first place? I ain't rich and I know better than that.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No, that ain't Pookie from New Jack City 2, it's 50 Cent!

But don't freak out. According to
50 dropped the weight for a role in the upcoming film Things Fall Apart in which he plays a football player who’s been diagnosed with cancer. He lost over 50 pounds to get into character.

Over a period of nine weeks the G-Unit general stuck to a strict liquid diet and a three-hour-a-day treadmill walk regimen to drop down to 160 pounds.

I hope his movie does well, for his sake. I know I wouldn't wanna walk around looking like DMX's crackhead brother just for a direct-to-DVD movie.

Anybody else suddenly have the urge to play Street Fighter 4?
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Three for the price of one! Today, let's look at three long-lost groups that were only around long enough to bless us one with album.

Although in some cases, "bless" might be a stretch:

Whatever Happened to: The Braxtons

Now, we all know Toni, who released her sixth album, Pulse, a few weeks ago. But sadly, no one remembers her sisters. Originally brought together as a female Jackson 5, The Braxton's first single, "Good Life," didn't take off. Listen to that clip and you can tell that Toni was destined for stardom. She quickly went solo, winning six Grammys and becoming one of the biggest names in the industry.

It took awhile, but three of the four remaining Braxton sisters regrouped and released So Many Ways in 1996. The video for the title track is as weird as I remember. And is that Tyrese roaming around in the video? Although it was likely unintentional, the girls came off as a very watered-down version of Toni herself. And it didn't help that Toni was at the peak of her popularity at the time - it just reminded listeners that they weren't on their sister's level.

Tamar went solo in 2000, releasing "Get None" and "If You Don't Wanna Love Me" but those didn't set the world on fire. And Tyler Perry fans know Trina from the 2004 "Meet the Browns" play.

Should They Come Back: Unless they're singing backup for Toni, I'll pass.
Whatever Happened To: MoKenStef

Board meeting in the mid-90s: "So girls, we need a name for your group. Any ideas, Mo? What about you, Ken? What do you think, Stef? Wait, that's it! MoKenStef!"

And so, the worst name EVER for a group was created. At least that's how I imagine it happened - they couldn't have put much more thought into it than I just did.

Monifa, Kenya, and Stephanie released their one and only album, Azz Izz, in 1995, featuring their infamous chickenhead ballad, "He's Mine." Why are these women bragging about dating an unfaithful man? I might pick on these ladies, but I can't front on their success - "He's Mine" climbed to No. 7 on the Billboard charts, the biggest hit of all the ladies we will feature today. You couldn't walk down the halls of my high school without hearing some girl saying "He might be doin' you, but he's thinking about me." My high school was so classy.

They followed that hit with "Sex In The Rain," which just sounds impractical. Shockingly, that silly song didn't do very well. All three fell off the face of the earth shortly after.

Should They Come Back?: Nah, we have enough ghetto ballads these days.

Whatever Happened to: Kut Klose

Now, before you start giving me a hard time, let the record show that I would love these girls even if they weren't hand-picked by Keith Sweat. Lead singer Athena Cage had an amazing voice. Sure, they're mostly known as glorified backup singers for Keith on songs like "Get Up On It" and "Twisted," but they had some great songs of their own, like the sultry "Surrender" and "I Like."

Athena was set to go solo, with plans to release Art of A Woman in 2001. She even dropped a video, the so-so "Hey, Hey." But the album was shelved, breaking my heart. I do have a few tracks from it - check out "Take It Out On Me" and "You."

Fellow group members Lavonn Battle and Tabitha Duncan were touring with Keith and Athena as of a few years ago, but they've been relatively quiet since.

Should They Come Back: Athena definitely should return, the rest, ehh, I'll catch you on Keith's next tour.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nas & Damian Marley

Distant Relatives (released May 18, 2010)

One of my favorite things about music is the feeling you get when an album completely takes you by surprise - those albums that you don't expect much from but completely blow you away. These days, that's an extremely rare occurrence.

But it's just a great feeling when that happens.

I didn't expect much from Distant Relatives. It wasn't long ago that I ranted about my distrust of collaborative albums, and I'm not a huge reggae fan, either. Sure, I like a song here and there, but I certainly wouldn't say it's a genre I embrace, or one that I'm extremely knowledgeable about. It's like when people claim to be hip-hop fans and the only rap song they know is "Baby Got Back" - when your range is that limited, it's hard to embrace other aspects of the genre.

Have no fear, Distant Relatives welcomes you with open arms.

I, like most people, expected two things from this album: Nas bragging over Jamacian riddims, or essentially a Damian Marley album with Nas' verses tacked on to every track. Not so. Distant Relatives is a true collaborative effort, and a vibrant, and sometimes solemn, celebration of the Motherland.

Yeah, Nas has been known for talking that off the wall, back-to-Africa stuff  for years now but he has found his muse in Marley, who produced most of the album. And I must say, I walked away with much more respect for Jr. Gong. He more than holds his own.

His scratchy chorus on "Count Your Blessings" (I've got love and assurance/I've got new health insurance/I've got strength and endurance/So I count my blessings) might seem sappy on the surface, but it's sung with deep sincerity. It provides authenticity. The same goes for the second single "Strong Will Continue." But don't write him off as just a hook man - his verse on "Nah Mean" boast as much lyrical dexterity and viciousness as Nas'. 

Nas, of course, is as sharp as ever, rampaging through the chants and bongos of "Dispear" and drops one of his best verses in years at the end of "Strong Will Continue," where he criticizes himself for running around with married women and wonders aloud if his ex-wife was doing the same thing during their marriage.

The album does begin to drag about three-fourths of the way through. And although well-meaning, "My Generation," with Joss Stone and Lil Wayne (who ain't half bad when he's coherent and stays on topic), is the only only track here that slightly drifts into "corny" territory. I think the children's choir pushes it a bit over the top. But the album's closer, "Africa Must Wake Up," more than makes up for it. The weepy strings and Marley's pleading vocals makes for a tremendous rallying call for change.

Distant Relatives is the true representation of hip hop on its best day - a celebration of culture, struggle and hope for the future. Label it reggae, rap, whatever you want - simply call it powerful.

Best tracks: "Africa Must Wake Up," "Nah Mean," "Dispear"

4 stars out of 5
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Monday, May 24, 2010

After falling in love at first listen to "Dance or Die" from Janelle Monae's The ArchAndroid, I decided to take Progressive in a different direction this week. I knew as soon as I heard the beat drop where her influence came from...none other than Fela Anikulapo Kuti (this was later confirmed in her liner notes, but I digress...)

Born in Abeokuta, Nigeria in 1938, Fela Kuti was the innovator of a genre of music called Afrobeat, which is a fusion of African jazz, funk, and highlife. Though Fela's beats were hot, his lyrics were very political and controversial; so much so that in 1977, his commune, called Kalakuta Republic was attacked and burned to the ground.  His mother was also thrown from a window during the attack, which resulted in her death.  The following year, Kuti commemorated the destruction of Kalakuta Republic by marrying 27 women, many of whom were his singers and background dancers.  Fela Kuti died in 1997 from complications from AIDS at the age of 58.

-- Desiree

Here is a sampling of his groundbreaking work:


"Water No Get Enemy"
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Friday, May 21, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, the wifey and I had a nice Mother's Day dinner with my in-laws and their extended family. Somehow, the conversation turned to Keith Sweat.

Y'all know me, it doesn't take much for me to slide Keith in the conversation. I figured the old-school crew would have my back, but no: Jai's aunt and mom starting going in on my boy, talking about how he's nothing but a big, whiny baby.


Sure, Keith's vocals have nasally undertones but he's not a pitiful whiner. When I think of whining, I think of one dude - Carl Thomas.

Don't get me wrong, I love Carl. But he was a pitiful brother. Don't believe me? Let's reminisce:

Carl Thomas was paying his dues on the nightclub circuit when he was discovered by Diddy in the late 90s. Since this was during the era when Diddy actually let his artists release their own albums instead of hogging all the studio time for himself, Carl's debut, Emotional, debuted in 2000 with a pretty big buzz. That buzz was well-deserved - the album was amazing. His first single, "I Wish," was a breath of fresh air at the time as R&B was beginning its slide into self-parody (although it was nowhere near as bad as today). Instead of focusing on bling and clubs, Carl told of a love gone wrong - and it quickly became a No. 1 R&B hit.

But the worst was yet to come. His title track, "Emotional," was one of my favorite songs at the time, but poor Carl again sounded like he was being tortured. By the time he says "Look at me! I can't stop crying!/Inside, my heart is slowly dying," with his lips trembling, you just wanna hook him up with your cousin to shut him up. I can't stand to see a man crying.

A year later, he teamed up with Faith Evans for "Can't Believe," a sorta-remix to "Emotional." Again, it was a great song. Again, it was greatly depressing.

Carl returned in 2004 with Let's Talk About It, and with the help of LL Cool J, finally got a little pep in his step with "She Is." The song wasn't bad at all but it didn't make an impact. And you know what happens when artists try something new and it fails - they go back to basics. In Carl's case, he got all pitiful again. "Make It Alright" wasn't a sad song per se, but check out the video - he steals some guy's girl and takes her to his mobile home (?!) IN A JUNKYARD to make out. No wonder he's always so sad; dude lives in a junkyard. As you can guess, the album didn't exactly break sales records.

In 2007, Carl tried again with So Much Better. Carl was back on his sad-man shtick with "2 Pieces" but his efforts went unnoticed. I guess there's only so much pity you can have for a man.

We haven't heard from Carl since then. He's probably in therapy somewhere. Or out shopping for turtlenecks. I didn't realize how much he loves those things until I watched those videos.

Should He Come Back?: Definitely. The man is loaded with talent and I have no doubt that he could easily drop another album as strong as Emotional. Just make sure someone buys him an extra large box of Kleenex when he hits the studio.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Janelle Monae

The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III of IV), (released May 18, 2010)

Janelle Monae's studio album debut is finally here, and it reminds me of a movie. And that's not just because of the album's SyFy channel storyline: A robot's journey to become messiah of an oppressed society.

Every year when the Academy Awards roll around, there is one film that you've never even heard of that wins a truckloads of awards. Sure, the summer blockbusters get all the hype and notoriety, whether they're any good or not (bet on Drake's album being this summer's blockbuster in the music realm), but there is always one quiet independent film that turns heads. And when you finally check it out, usually nearly a year after it was released, you say to yourself, "How did I miss out on this?"

Don't miss out on The ArchAndroid.

The album, divided into two suites, truly has a cinematic theme. Both suites open with a orchestral overture that spurs memories of John Williams' themes. They just make you feel like something epic is about to happen. What follows is a sonic smorgasbord of just about every musical genre imaginable. Pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, funk, soul, disco and even folk all meld together brilliantly.

You've already heard us gush about the frantic "Tightrope," but "Faster" and "Cold War" are just as pulse-pounding. Those tracks, like everything on the album, features fantastic writing. On "Cold War," Janelle warns "if you wanna be free/below the ground's the only place to be/cuz in this life you spend time running from depravity/This is a cold war, do you know what you're fighting for?"

And Check out the lovers quarrel on "Locked Inside": "I'm locked inside a land called foolish pride/where the man is always right/he hates to talk but loves to fight/Is that all right?"

"Oh, Maker" and "Say You'll Go" are treats for R&B junkies like myself. Janelle's vocals are gentle and tender - never overexerting themselves.

Very few songs disappointed. The rock-inspired "Come Alive (The War of the Roses)" and "Mushrooms &Roses" certainly aren't bad, they just weren't my cup of tea. Both the wifey and Progressive Soul's Desiree' loved them. And while I enjoyed the sentiment, something about "Make The Bus" seemed a bit unfocused.
You'll often hear critics claim that an album "transcends genres" or "pushes boundaries." Those are usually exaggerations. This album crushes, rebuilds, and redefines those very genres and boundaries. The next time T-Pain and his clones claim that "singing" auto-tune is futuristic music, slap them and give them a copy of this album.

Actually, tell them to go out and buy it.

The ArchAndroid definitely won't have the buzz that other albums will enjoy. But don't wait until awards shows roll around a year from now to hear about how great this is. It's a near cinematic masterpiece.

Best tracks: "Tightrope," "Cold War," "Oh Maker." Add "Say You'll Go" and "Locked Inside" too

4.5 stars out of 5
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

With the wifey on a brief hiatus, I guess it's up to me to fly the banner of feminism around here.

Uh oh.

I will attempt to touch on the issues that have made this blog so successful - femininity, image issues, all that good stuff y'all love, but from a male point of view.

But I ain't wearing that little hat.

On Sunday, Lebanese-American Rima Fakih was the first Arab American, the first woman of Muslim faith and the first immigrant to be crowned Miss USA. With the uproar over immigrant issues these days, you had to know the backlash would be swift. For instance, some folks are already claiming that her family has ties to the Lebanon-based paramilitary organization Hezbollah. I wonder if people think I'm related to the D.C. snipers? They were black, you know.

But here's the biggest point of contention:

She a skripper!

I never understood the fascination with strip clubs. So I pay a woman to watch her grind her booty in my face, but I can in no way touch or interact with the lady? Then I get to ride home with a bunch of horny dudes and talk about how great that was? What's the point!? I might as well go to Cheesecake Factory, pay $50 to stare at the desserts in the glass case and ride home saying "man, did you see that cake? That was a good looking cake! Bet it tastes good!"

But I digress.

Folks are calling for this woman's head because of some silly contest she was in three years ago. What's the big deal?

Reader playing devil's advocate: But didn't you just criticize Ciara and Miley Cyrus for being freaky last week?

Me: First, stop being a hater. Second, I sure did. The difference is both have been in the limelight for years and both are already role models for lots of young women. It's not fair to judge Fakih for questionable actions in her past. But yes, if you catch her dropping it like it's lukewarm and/or hot at Magic City Gentleman's Club tonight, then yeah, snatch her crown because she's now a role model too.

What do y'all think? Is Rima Fakih a bad role model?

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who told The-Dream the world was aching for a remake of "One In A Million?"

Yes, Aaliyah's "One In A Million."

You know what this sounds like? He was at a karaoke bar, probably with Christina Milian (which makes me cry). He was drunk and sleepy and ready to call it a night. But it's his turn to get on stage so he says "eh, I'll sing this real quick, then we can go home. And remind me to pick up some Cheetos."

He looks like his fingers are permanently stained orange from Cheetos.

Sadly, young'ns probably won't even realize that this is a poor remake of a vastly superior song.

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Sometimes, ladies, it just doesn't pay to be a good husband.

I mentioned last week that the wifey has been pretty stressed as of late. I'm sure y'all read about the destruction of her car (and thank the Lord I was out of town at the time, or I'd be sharing a computer with Bubba in the state pen to write this). We just returned from Chattanooga, Tenn., where she was a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding (congrats Charlene and Adam). She's been heavily involved in organizing a local lupus walk, and she's currently working on her students' research papers.

The lady could use a little sunshine.

So, being the playa that I am, I decided to send her some flowers at work to brighten her day. I send flowers to her job every so often but I NEVER send flowers for anniversaries or holidays. Why? Women always expect flowers on holidays but never a random day like May 17 (apologies to the May 17 babies out there). I like the element of surprise.

Plus, do you know how much they jack up the price of flowers for holidays? I'm romantic, but I ain't crazy in love.

Usually, I would place my order at work but my laptop at the job was recently fried by spyware. And there's no way I'm gonna enter my credit card info into that computer now. It would be safer to hand my credit card to Lindsay Lohan and ask her politely not to buy crack.

Anyway, Sunday evening, while the wifey was chatting on the phone with her brother, I decided to quickly slip into our office and order the flowers. She wouldn't even notice.

Or so I thought.

Since I am a walking music encyclopedia, my bro-in-law wanted Jai to ask if I knew when Dru Hill's new album would be released. Jai came to the office, but the door was locked. Of course, she asks, "why are you locked in to office?"

Now I know some of you professional liars out there could have come up with a plausible excuse, but I said the first thing that came to mind: "Uh, nothing. Leave me alone."

NEVER tell a black woman to leave you alone.

Jai gets pissed and is adamant that I tell her what's going on, but I stay silent. Give me a break, playa, I just drove three hours from Chattanooga. I couldn't think of anything else. My mind was as muddled as a Kamaal the Abstract album. Eventually, Jai gave up before she burst through the wall like a curly-haired Kool-Aid Man.

Stupid Sisqo ruins yet another life.

Meanwhile, I couldn't find any good flowers online. Everything was either too expensive or was too lame. But I had to buy SOMETHING - or else I'd come off looking like I had something to hide. I finally found a decent arraignment. I wasn't thrilled with it but it fit the bill.

I finally emerged from the room and Jai says, "So, what were you doing in there?" giving me look like she caught me watching the Kim Kardashian sex tape. I pretty much ignored her but I had to endure inquiries all night long. I had the feeling that she thought either I was either sneaking women out of the office window or disposing of their bodies.

The next day, I got an e-mail from Jai saying "I guess I see what you were doing last night! Thank you for my flowers!" She had like a million exclamation points at the end of the e-mail.

The moral of the story is this: Ladies, trust your men. You never know what's going on behind the scenes. And fellas, if you get caught watching Kim K sex tapes, flowers will make it all better.
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Marsha Ambrosius is best known as "The Songstress" from the duo Floetry but as a solo artist Ambrosius has collaborated with such hip hop stars as Styles P, Busta Rhymes and The Game. She has released two mixtapes and will be releasing an LP this year. Enjoy!!

-- Desiree'

"Cloud 9" - Marsha Ambrosius

Also check out "I Lost You"
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Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm sure you've noticed GeorgiaMae has been a little quiet this week. The boss lady has been very busy wrapping up the school year with her students so expect her to be MIA during the next couple of weeks.

Oh, don't shed any tears for her. In two weeks she will have a 2 months of paid vacation. I have no sympathy. Only jealousy.

And unfortunately, I've been a bit under the weather myself. While I was laid up, trying not to drown in phlegm, our Progressive Soul princess Desiree told me to check out Ciara's new video.

I don't know what's more sad - the fact that Ciara is STILL trying to maintain a career long after her ship has sailed, or that she's still clutching at fame using the same old tricks.

Think about it - what was Ciara's biggest song? The one where she's slanging her booty while Ludacris raps.

In her new song, Ciara's slanging her booty while Ludacris raps.

See for yourself.

Desiree worried about what effect videos like this will have on our youth. When impressionable young girls see their heroes walking around like their butt has the hiccups, maybe they think stripper moves are the only way to attract a man.

Or we could be overreacting. Maybe girls should just be more like Miley Cyrus - it's not like you ever see her being freaky.

Now that I think about it, Hannah Montana does sound like a stripper...

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Keke Wyatt

Who Knew? (released February 23, 2010)

No, this isn't a "Whatever Happened To...," although it easily could be.

Poor Keke Wyatt is remembered for just two things - the girl who sings with Avant and the crazy lady who stabbed her man. That's not what you'd call a lasting legacy.

In 2000, Keke blew our minds when she teamed up with Avant to remake Rene & Angela's 80s ballad "My First Love." A year later, Keke dropped her solo debut, Soul Sista. The album wasn't bad - I still pop it in my car's CD player from time to time - but many of the watered-down tracks didn't complement Keke's strong vocals. The best track, "Nothing In This World," (again, featuring Avant), showed that she possessed lots of untapped potential.

Then, the drama.

Keke, fed up with her husband's alleged abuse, got indicted in 2002 for stabbing him with a paring knife. She went back to him, but the abuse continued and she finally divorced him recently - nearly a decade later. Her professional life was just as tumultuous, as her two follow-up albums ('06's Emotional Rollercoaster and '08's Ghetto Rose) are sitting in a warehouse somewhere with Dr. Dre's Detox, never to see the light of day.

That's right, I said it. Detox is never coming out.

But Keke's future is much brighter with the release of Who Knew?, which is comprised of material from those two shelved albums.

The first thing you'll notice is that her voice has become even stronger during her absence. For those of you who says radio won't accept traditional R&B songs with strong vocals, I offer "Never Do It Again," where Keke apologizes to her man for her ghetto outburst. It wouldn't seem out of place on a playlist nestled between Alicia Keys and Melanie Fiona.

Keke demonstrates her amazing range on "Peace on Earth." She's simply backed by an acoustic guitar, which gives her vocals ample opportunity to soar without studio gimmicks. "Weakest" is one of those throwback slow jams that balances intensity and sexiness - never becoming overly crass or ridiculous (pay attention, Trey Songz).

Keke should have kept the extremely generic "So Confused" back in the warehouse. Ditto the jittery and jarring "Getting It" (and her knock-off Lil Kim flow). If she wanted more upbeat stuff, she should have stuck with energetic mid-tempo tracks like the single, "Who Knew." It's a better fit for the album.

Fans of Beyonce's Sasha Fierce, or even Monica's new one, likely will be bored by the lack of boisterous beats from today's most sought-after producers. But I love how Who Knew? is a return to R&B's roots. Let's hope this triumph is just the first of many for Keke.

Best tracks: "Weakest," "Never Do It Again," "Who Knew"

4 stars out of 5
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