The 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century

In the video above women at TIME share their favorites 
on the 25 Most Powerful Women of the 20th Century list. 

Time magazine recently published a list of the 25 most influential women of the past century, a list which includes fashion industry legend Coco Chanel, pop music icon Madonna, media maven Oprah Winfrey, and political pioneer Hillary Clinton. 

Ladies on the list that have inspired me most: 

Virginia Woolf. An amazing writer whose novels and essays shed light on social and political oppression faced by early 20th century, Woolf is the woman who reminds me that I need “a room of one’s own,” a space to be me freely and practice my art. 

Rosa Parks. The grandmother who helped raised me, the woman for whom this very blog is named, was deeply involved in the Civil Rights movement and made sure that I knew the stories of people like Parks and that I never took the freedoms I have because of them for granted. 

Gloria Steinem. As a feminist and former journalist I, of course, felt my insides smiling when I saw Steinem’s name on the list. As Time writes, “It would be hard to find an American women’s rights organization that does not owe its creation in part to Steinem.” Furthermore, I’m happy that the article reminded readers that, “in 1963, seven years before Hunter S. Thompson was credited with creating “gonzo” journalism, Steinem went undercover as a Playboy bunny to report on the treatment of women at Playboy clubs for Show magazine.”

I was also happy to see Eleanor Roosevelt on the list. She’s noted for exploding the notion that the First Lady must take a behind-the-scenes, trophy wife type of role. 
Her famous quote, “Do something every day that scares you,” is my life mantra. 

Visit Time’s website to check out the list. Which of these women have inspired you most? Are there any highly influential women you felt should have been included who weren’t?  



  1. Great list that featured a wide range of women. I can’t think of anyone who was overlooked.

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