Playing Dress Up

As promised, I’m back with more last-minute costume ideas. Many of you have already seen what is quite possibly my best costume ever — Power Puff Girls. 

(BTW: I’m the black one.) To become Bubbles I just needed a blue tall tee, a blonde wig white tights and black Mary Janes. I cut off the sleeves of the shirt and bought some black fabric to wrap around my waist. We made the eyes out of construction paper and taped them to sunglasses. We were awesome. 

As I mentioned yesterday, this has been Fall Week at my school. After Antoine Dodson was such a hit for celebrity day I had to keep it coming. Wednesday was Star Wars versus Star Trek Day so I decided to channel my inner Princess Leia.

Folks thought I actually had an official Princess Leia costume at home. Wrong! But I did have this dress from my days as a liturgical dancer and enough hair to make little buns. Add a toy gun and voila! 

Yesterday was Switch Day, which can be interpreted in a number of ways but usually results in a lot of cross dressing. 

That’s me trying to look hard and failing miserably. My students loved it though. One boy told me I looked like Damon Dash and kept walking by my classroom throwing up the Roc-a-Fella hand sign. 

Today is the day students and teachers are to wear their Halloween costumes. After showing school spirit all week I am, of course, dressing up, but as you’ve probably figured out, I’m not one to buy ready-made costumes. So today I put on a yellow dress, yellow shoes, and white tights and grabbed an umbrella and transformed into the Morton’s Salt Girl. 

What kind of costume did you pull together for Halloween?



  1. I love the Morton Salt girl costume! You look good!!!

  2. I have not worn a dress like this since my wedding eight years ago, but my friend’s wedding was formal attire so I had no choice. I am so glad I went with this dress.
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