The Domestically Disabled Diva and Her Spinach-Ravioli Lasagna

It’s quite possible that last week I set myself up for a miserable autumn. In a recent post, I committed myself to trying out one new recipe each week in an effort to improve my culinary skills. This could suck because, as most of you know, I hate to cook. 

But, alas, I have kept my promise (at least for now) and I made Spinach-Ravioli Lasagna this week. This recipe, which first appeared in Southern Living magazine two years ago, is Cooking for Dummies easy so even I couldn’t mess it up. It calls for very simple ingredients: baby spinach, pesto sauce (I used Classico’s pesto), Alfredo sauce (I went for Bertolli), frozen, cheese-filled ravioli, vegetable broth, and shredded cheese. 

Because of the frozen ravioli and pre-made sauce you may think the dish is too Olive Garden-ish but it was actually delicious. The recipe was given to me by a pal who is an extraordinary cook who is typically all about making things from scratch, but even she raves about how tasty this simple creation can be. 

The most time consuming part is chopping the spinach, which you will then toss with the pesto sauce. You’ll then mix the vegetable broth (you may substitute chicken broth, which I did) with the Alfredo sauce. After that it’s all about layering. Spoon one-third of alfredo sauce mixture into a your baking dish, top with half the spinach mixture, arrange half the ravioli in a single layer over the spinach mixture. Repeat, then top with the remaining Alfredo sauce. 

Bake the dish at 375° F for 30 minutes. Then remove it from the oven and sprinkle with the shredded cheese. I couldn’t find Italian cheeses so I had to use the Mexican Four-Cheese blend I had on hand for taco night, but hubster didn’t seem to mind. Then I baked it for an additional five minutes until it was “hot and bubbly” as the recipe said it should be. 

My dish looked nothing like the one above but it was rich, creamy and delicious, nonetheless. Click here for the complete recipe. Bon appetit!



  1. I would have liked to see a picture of your actual dish. But it looks delicous!

  2. Good for you Jai! Sounds like a great dish. I might have to try it!

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