Edd’s MANtra: We Got To Do Better, Part 2

The Antoine Dodson mania must end.

Ever since he embarrassed us all by ridiculously ranting against his sister’s would-be rapist, everywhere I turn I see his raggedy headwraps. T-shirts, radio interviews, Facebook pages, and worst of all, an auto-tuned theme song. The song is actually climbing the music charts!

Antoine and auto-tune – two things I hate so very much. That’s like Lex Luthor proposing to Superman with a kryptonite engagement ring.

Not to be outdone, North Carolina A&T’s band is getting in on the act. Here they are performing the so-called “Bed Intruder” song.

A&T – making all Historically Black Colleges proud.

I’ve already groused enough about making fun of a potential rape. But when colleges – of ALL places – start endorsing such coonery a line definitely has been crossed. I bet if Attempted Rapist Guy (who I guess is still at large – we’re too busy dancing to find the guy) climbs into one of these girls’ dorm rooms things won’t be so funny.

Run and tell dat.



  1. run and tell that homeboy!

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