20 Questions: 2010 BET Awards

This was a pretty busy weekend, as the wife and I packed up everything we owned and moved to a new apartment. With aching muscles after lugging our lives up flights of stairs, fighting with dim-witted customer service people to get our utilities working, and with countless boxes littering Georgia Mae’s new headquarters I still took time out to watch the 2010 BET Awards.

So while y’all watched True Blood, I was subjected to this treat. Y’all owe me.

1. Kanye West returned to open the show with “Power” – but if he was gonna steal R Kelly’s album cover for his performance, why didn’t he wear the silk pajamas too?

2. Did Jada Pinkett leave her pants at home?

3. Who do you think Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s child will look like? If she looks like her dad, she could have a movie career ahead of her:

4. Conversation at the new Georgia Mae headquarters:

Me: What was that poetry movie Nia Long was in?

Wifey: Love Jones. You should have your “black” card revoked for not knowing that.

Me: Playa, please. Maybe my “black woman” card…

5. It seemed like every minute artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj were shouting out Lil Wayne for their career success. When did Wayne become Quincy Jones? Nicki, by the way, continues to annoy me, with her Wilma Flintstone wedding dress outfit and horrible lip-syncing.

6. Why didn’t that Gabby girl win an award? Her rendition of “Fallen” was WAY better than 90 percent of the work of the night’s winners.

7. Where was the girl from Paramore during B.o.B.’s “Airplanes?” I guess even she had better things to do than show up on BET. Keyshia Cole was a vastly inferior replacement.

8. And when will people realize that B.o.B. would be nothing without the people singing his hooks? He’s always outshined by his guest stars.

9. Conversation at the new Georgia Mae headquarters:

Me: How much you wanna bet that they drag out the lady who sang “Silly” during Monica’s performance?

Wifey: There she is!

Me: Wish I could predict lottery numbers that accurately.

10. Did I hear the crowd booing Jermaine Jackson? Maybe they were just booing his haircut.

11. So the big Michael Jackson tribute surprise was Chris Brown? I thought it would be MJ’s kids performing “Scream.” Seriously.

12. And speaking of Chris Breezy, now that he cried and blubbered through his performance of “Man In The Mirror,” will you buy his CDs again?

13. Good lord, how old is Trey Songz momma? I thought that overactive ghetto girl beside him all night was his date!

14. El Debarge! That saves me from doing a “Whatever Happened to…” on him. And he looks as sleazy as ever – would you buy a used car from that guy?

15. Conversation at the new Georgia Mae headquarters:

Wifey: Hey, there’s Tank!

Me: Is he selling programs or cotton candy? Cuz you know he wasn’t invited.

16. Why wasn’t Jaheim involved in the Teddy Pendergrass tribute? He IS Teddy P reincarnated!

17. Is John Legend running for office? His humanitarian speech sounded like something from Obama’s playbook.

18. Did Ciara really think that wearing a red Starburst wrapper for a dress would be a good idea?

19. Prince looked pretty annoyed with Trey Songz’ “Purple Rain” tribute, and I can’t blame him. Especially since my girl Patti LaBelle tore it up. But wasn’t it a shame that Prince couldn’t be bothered to perform? At least he got to show of his classy airbrushed T-shirt.

20. Did the show really end with Big Tigger driving Queen Latifah away on a golf cart? From TV personality to valet – oh, how the mighty have fallen. If you consider hosting “Rap City” mighty.


  1. You really need to stop!!! I disagree so much with you and that seems to never happen! The only thing I agree about is Niki Minaj being a mess visually and vocally.

    Chris Brown did MJ better than anybody could. Im glad we finally got to see it. Dang Ed, I need for you to be that Man In the Mirror or go back to church and attention a little more closey.

    I still love you though!

  2. Ed, I agreed with majority of what you said, but being the Prince that I am (ask the wifey), I enjoyed Patti, but she just screamed Purple Rain. However how could you not mention the pregnant Alicia climbing on her behind on a a piano!

  3. Londay, I’m not saying that the man shouldn’t be forgiven. But the way it all went down looked mighty rigged to me:

    – He performed flawlessly up until “Man In the Mirror,” where he immediately fell to pieces when trying to sing the ‘heartfelt’ song

    – He won some weird greatest fans on earth award out of the blue

    – He has a new song out. Hmmmm.

    It’s none of my business whether he’s sincerely sorry or not. But I know a PR move when I see one.

  4. And Geralyn, the only reason I didn’t mention Alicia crawling on the piano (and Prince nearly having a heart attack) was because I ran out of room. I could have had 40 questions for that crazy show.

  5. Ha! Yes, the look on Prince’s face when Alicia Keys climbed on that piano was classic.

    And I agree with you Geralyn, Patti did just scream Purple Rain. It was like she forgot the words and was like, “Forget it, I’ll just fan the guitarist and scream for the rest of the performance.” I really wanted to see Prince perform. That was a grave disappointment.

  6. J, do you remember how we used to sit in your room and listen to “Brother To The Night?” and the rest of the “Love Jones” soundtrack. I saw you sitting in your pajamas with your bun . . . now that was classi

  7. LOLOL – Wow! The Timon reference was hilarious. I’m glad I didn’t watch it. I was tempted until I saw the blow-by-blow FB statuses.

    Jai – I think my “black card” or “black woman card” needs to be stripped as well since I only vaguely remember Love Jones.

    Side note: I really HATE Monica’s remix of Silly. It just ruins a perfectly good song for me *shrug*


  8. I do think the Chris brown thing was a complete! PR move. I guess its working for him though we talking about it.

    It Was good to see El debarge last night He sounded pretty good. ALICIA was the best part of the prince tribute. Him not performing was terrible and idea of Trey songz doin Even that small part of purple rain was a complete joke to me. I don’t think he can sing that well in the first place.

    Kanye’s performance sucked. And he started the freakin show. And BET going to commercial while J.Cole started performing was ridiculous. I really wanted to see him on stage.

    I guess BET is doing a better job with the show overall…it’s still bootleg to me though lol

  9. Geralyn — Yes I do remember that! Those were the days! (BTW, that’s the third reference to my bun I’ve heard in the past three weeks.)

    Ervin — I was also really pleased with the El Debarge performance. Even though he looks like a sleazy extra from Grease, I still love his music. Can you believe he was my first celebrity crush? I’m so embarrassed to admit that.

  10. So did anyone watch True Blood?! LOL

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