Edd’s MANtra: Her Old Tricks

I’m sure you’ve noticed GeorgiaMae has been a little quiet this week. The boss lady has been very busy wrapping up the school year with her students so expect her to be MIA during the next couple of weeks.

Oh, don’t shed any tears for her. In two weeks she will have a 2 months of paid vacation. I have no sympathy. Only jealousy.
And unfortunately, I’ve been a bit under the weather myself. While I was laid up, trying not to drown in phlegm, our Progressive Soul princess Desiree told me to check out Ciara’s new video.
I don’t know what’s more sad – the fact that Ciara is STILL trying to maintain a career long after her ship has sailed, or that she’s still clutching at fame using the same old tricks.
Think about it – what was Ciara’s biggest song? The one where she’s slanging her booty while Ludacris raps.
In her new song, Ciara’s slanging her booty while Ludacris raps.
See for yourself.
Desiree worried about what effect videos like this will have on our youth. When impressionable young girls see their heroes walking around like their butt has the hiccups, maybe they think stripper moves are the only way to attract a man.
Or we could be overreacting. Maybe girls should just be more like Miley Cyrus – it’s not like you ever see her being freaky.
Now that I think about it, Hannah Montana does sound like a stripper…


  1. Edd you have such a way of putting things. This video was super boring to me. Almost worse than Beyonce’s plain Jane videos of late…at least I like (for the most part) Beyonce’s songs that go with the plain videos. But c’mon now…listening to the words of this song. Is that the legacy you want to leave behind (does she even have a legacy)…is that your influence? Now don’t get me wrong…I like some songs that are a little suggestive…case in point…Ego….How Low…Yeah…but this one just does nothing for me. Why are you putting all of your business out in the street is the question that comes to mind when I heard this. Even if they do like the way you Ride as she so aptly put it, why do you feel the need to tell everybody about it? I dunno…maybe it’s just me but Ciara could use some spin work on her image.

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