Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here's an addendum to my post on Sunday's notorious BET Awards.

When it was announced that the show would be revamped into a Michael Jackson tribute show, a friend of mine wrote on Facebook that BET should reach out to Ne-Yo and Chris Brown for a performance.

My response?

Man, I better not see Chris Brown prancing around in highwaters. Ne-Yo, OK, but not Breezy.

I figured it was way too soon for Chris Brown to be spinning around on stage. I mean, he was just in court for the Rihanna massacre days earlier. I thought that if he did show his face he'd be booed into oblivion.

And since he didn't make the show, I applauded BET for showing good sense, for once.

Oh, but silly me. BET and "good sense" is an oxymoron. Apparently BET DID attempt to get Chris Brown. According to The Source:

Chris Brown was scheduled to perform at Sunday's BET Awards and had rehearsed for three days to perform, but was pulled the morning of the show after Jay-Z told event organizers that he wouldn't perform if Brown was there. Jay-Z is, of course, very close to Rihanna who Brown abused earlier this year.

Of course, the hip hop community is now painting Jay as the bad guy. Rhodes scholar Juelz Santana called it a "sucker move" and said Jay's "swagger was on zero," whatever that means.

I'm not saying that Chris Easy-Breezy-Cover Girl should never be forgiven. But having him perform a high profile tribute after such a lengthy absence seems like a reward to me. I mean, I highly doubt I'd get to perform at the Keith Sweat memorial tribute show (perish the thought!) if I had been sentenced to probation after maliciously beating up my woman.

Actually if I maliciously beat up my woman I wouldn't have gotten probation, I would have been put under the jail. But then again, I don't have a Doublemint commercial so I'm not special.

Anyway, what do y'all think? Do you think Chris Brown should have performed or are Jay and I are just a couple of haters?

Well, we all know I'm a hater.
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I can't wait for the day when I become so famous that someone writes a song about me. But when that day comes, please get someone other than Hurricane Chris to perform it.

I'm sure you've heard the "Halle Berry" song by now. If not, here's your chance.

One of our readers sent me a video last week of Mr. "A Bay Bay" performing the song at the Louisiana legislature. Why? Sigh, who knows. In the video, Chris more or less explains that the song is to let girls know that even if they're unattractive they can still pretend to look like Halle Berry. What a self-esteem booster.

What are y'all doing down in Louisiana? Don't y'all have legislation to pass?

Black lawmakers, I need y'all to get it together. Yeah, Obama has cookouts on the White House lawn, but he doesn't have Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman running around the statehouse in wife beaters and house shoes.

Well, at least Hurricane Chris put on a suit and took those barrettes out of his hair for this occasion. Aww, he looks like he's going to the prom.

Best line of the video: some guy says over the loudspeaker: "I don't believe Chris is related to the tsunami the chairman has been talking about."

Har har. The hilarity. My sides, they are a splittin'.

Check out the video here, if you dare.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

I didn't plan to watch the BET Awards. In fact, if not for that annoying ad on the right side of my Facebook page I wouldn't have known they were airing.

But in the light of Michael Jackson's untimely passing, I felt obligated to sit through 4 hours of painful performances. Thankfully, the show was pretty entertaining year, thanks to the MJ tributes and BET's inescapable ghettoness.

So, for the benefit of those who watched "True Blood" on HBO instead (which is likely all of you) here is 20 questions: the BET Awards edition.

(Yeah, yeah I stole this from the wifey's VMA post she published last year on her Velocity blog. But we're married so she can't sue.)

1. The Baby Boy reunion was cool, but where was Snoop? He was obviously there, he pointlessly slid on stage during Jamie Foxx's performance. It was like he got lost looking for the bathroom.

2. Hate if you want, Beyonce's Ave Maria performance was amazing, but why was she was dressed like a cupcake?

3. Keith Sweat! Why did I get roughly 64 text messages AT ONCE when by boy hit the stage?

4. And when will he get a Lifetime Achievement Award? Don't let me have to send an e-mail to BET.

5. Although Keith killed his performance, his old school brethren were rough. Bobby sounded OK but New Edition...ugh. Why did Aaron Hall sound like he just gargled with razor blades?

6. Why was Kanye West at the awards with his bald girlfriend? I thought she dumbed him for Cassidy. That's what the Internet told me, and the Internet is never wrong.

7. How long will it take for Drake to get tired of Lil Wayne and friends? He looks so out of place among that goon squad.

8. Why did poor Keyshia Cole let Monica totally outshine her during their duet? Monica sounds ready for a comeback.

9. Why did Jeremy Piven think he could take a shot at Justin Timberlake, saying that "if not for Michael, Justin would be selling curly fries?" Stop hating. He was rightfully booed for that.

10. Who else really wants to see that Wanda and Sheneneh movie Skank Robbers? Somebody make that happen!

11. Doesn't BET CEO Debra Lee look like a really mean middle school principal? I bet she was dying to tell Soulja Boy to pull his pants up.

12. And speaking of that thing, Soulja Boy apparently had a question of his own during his performance: "I got a question, why dey hate on me?" I can answer that one - because you're an embarrassment. This dude even TALKS off beat.

13. Why haven't black people united to beat up or lock up T-Pain? His very presence pisses me off. He looks like one of those caricatures of black folks on racist products.


14. Why can't all artists be as well-spoken as Alicia Keys?

15. And didn't Paula Patton look like Alicia's momma?

16. How come Wyclef can get celebrities like Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie to do work in Haiti but he can't pull Lauryn Hill out of her cardboard box long enough for a Fugees reunion?

17. When Debra Lee said that Michael Jackson was "often imitated but never duplicated," why didn't the camera zoom in on Ne-Yo's big bald head? It must have been Ne-Yo's dream night, he actually had an excuse to bite MJ's style for once.

18. Don Cornelius - why, why why?! I think he's still wandering around on stage. When that fool introduced one of his "favorite young singers" and they wheeled out Tevin Campbell I laughed myself into a coma.

19. During the performance of the O'Jays (who were drunk as skunks, by the way), why did the camera pan on Joe Jackson and Al Sharpton during "For the Love of Money?" Hmmm.

20. Who was the poor soul that had to clean up all those feathers after Maxwell's performance?


21. Didn't your heart break when Janet Jackson addressed the audience? Poor Michael, he will be missed.

What did you like, or hate, about the show?
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

1958 - 2009
My mom still tells stories of me dancing around the house singing hits like "Billie Jean" when I was toddler and could barely enunciate the lyrics. Nowadays I find myself, nearly every time I'm at the gym, doing triceps dips to "Remember the Time." And no road trip is complete without "Human Nature," "PYT" and "Rock With You."
Over the past decade or more, Jackson wasn't exactly our golden boy, but like that crazy uncle that embarrasses us all at the family reunion, we loved him anyway. And we always will.
What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?
Do you remember when you first fell in love with his music?
See CNN.com for details on Jackson's death.
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I'm sure you've already heard that celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, a.k.a. Mario Lavandeira, was punched in the face recently by will.i.am's manager when he called the Black Eyed Peas member a "f--king faggot" during a heated argument. Hilton has been called out by gay rights activists for using the slur, but the ladies over at Jezebel are asking the question that I've been pondering (and fussing about) for months -- Why does Perez Hilton get a pass on misogyny?

Hilton throws around the b-word, constantly calls women hos and we just sit back and laugh. Maybe it's because we see him as just one of the girls, but this hardly makes it right. I don't care who you are -- male or female, gay or straight -- disparaging women is not cute.

Check out the Jezebel post and let me know what you think.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, I had planned to blog about rap's latest feuds - Joe Budden's pissed at Method Man because fans voted him as a better rapper in a freakin' online tournament and there's a three-way battle between short-bus passengers Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman - but then I realized how lame both of those scuffles are.

Nice way to celebrate Black Music Month, guys.

Just when I thought my faith in the music industry had been forever shaken, the wifey directed me to this interesting essay at TheRoot.com. Writer Erin Evans says that, despite this age of rampant buffoonery, it's more important to celebrate black music than ever before.

And I agree - to a point.

Let me clear something up - celebrating black music goes beyond BET airing a Top 10 Booties in Hip Hop special. Let's hear more about the pioneers of the genre.

NO, I do not mean R. Kelly and Mary J. Blige. Even folks like Prince and Quincy Jones. Yes, Michael Jackson is great and all, but let's hear more about pioneers like George Duke - a guy whose work is sampled endlessly but never gets any love. His stylings laid the groundwork for today's producers.

Let's encourage kids to pursue careers in music. Instead of telling Lil' Quisha "baby, you sho can sang" when you know she clearly can't, we should encourage music fans to explore a career that extend beyond the spotlight. Trust me, if you wanna make money in the music industry, composing is the way to go. Performers usually get shortchanged. Ask T-Boz n' dem. Encourage schools to retain their music and arts programs so kids can cultivate a solid musical education.

Seriously, would YOU want your children learning about music from these fools?

image via

Does his chain say yum? Ewwww.

If Black Music Month is about a celebration of history and what we can do to build upon it, then I'm cool with it. If it's just an excuse for Vh1 to make more ridiculous countdown shows, don't bother.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Man, you can get sued for anything these days. Even your name.

Annoying pop singer Katy Perry has allegedly fired shots at clothing designer Katie Perry, according to music-news.com:

Australian fashion designer Katie Perry has been issued a cease-and-desist order by Katy Perry and her label EMI. EMI wants to block the designer from using a "similar name" to Perry's.

Though the Katie Perry clothing line began two years before Katy Perry broke onto the national scene, Perry did not secure a trademark for the name.

Interestingly, the designer's real name is Katie Jane Perry, while Katy was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

So a woman, whose real name isn't even Katy, wants a lady, whose real name IS Katie, to stop using her name. Too bad Johnnie Cochrane is no longer with us, Snoop Dogg would have him all over Charlie Brown n' dem by now.

I wish I was a celebrity. Must be nice to be so bored that you have time to fret about such simple-minded things. I'm too busy trying not to get laid off to deal with that.

In her defense, this seems more like Perry's record label being snotty. In fact, rumor is that the singer didn't even know about this.

You know what would make my day? Kate Hudson should issue a cease-and-desist order to Ms. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson for her "similar name."
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Monday, June 22, 2009

A recent study of Austrialia men found that dudes in the Down Under find size 14 women more appealing than ladies who are model thin.

The study, taken by the University of New South Wales, found the men prefered most a 5-foot, 4-inch female with a 30-inch waist and 40-inch hips who wears a size 14.

The website MomLogic.com decided to find out if guys in the U.S. felt the same way.

Yeah, right.

Using images of eight different bikini-clad body types, surveyers found that men and women in Los Angeles, New York City and Detroit overwhelmlingly chose a busty size 0 as the ideal, most attractive body.

I wonder if they surveyed any Southern cities and if not, I wonder if the results would have been different if they did.

Considering that the average American woman is a size 14, what do you think these results say about our country?

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During Friday's edition of CNN's American Morning, reporter Carol Costello posed the question: Is feminism obsolete?

Even though I'm pretty sick of news organizations asking this, Costello did bring up some interesting points, such as, whether or not a conservative woman can be a feminist and if feminism loses its power, meaning and worth if women (and men) are free to define feminism for themselves.

What do you think?

Check out video of the segment below, or click here to read Costello's blog post on the topic.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey folks,

There's a chance I'll get to talk to singer, actor and Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx on Monday. If you had Mr. Foxx on the phone what would you want to ask him?

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ah, it's the debate that will rage until the end of time.

And I'm not talking about if Bret Michaels' hair is real. It's obviously not.

Mos Def, rapper, actor and the man the wifey wishes were her husband , weighed in on who really is the best rapper alive. From music-news.com:

Mos Def says he doesn't agree with Jay-Z's "Greatest Rapper Alive" title, saying he feels there are other hip-hop artists who deserve the title more."My response was to me seeing an article where [Jay-Z] was referred to, with trademarks following it, as the 'Greatest Rapper Alive'. Now that don't have nothin' to do with me, but if you saying that, that's a trade claim...If you saying that, you saying you better than Slick Rick, who's still very alive and well? You saying you better than Rakim? You saying you better than Black Thought? People making that claim have never been in a position to defend that in an open forum."

Darth Vader: The hateration is strong with this one.

Mos makes good points, but like it or not, Jay is the best rapper alive.

Yes, Jay gets on my nerves as much as he does yours and sure, he's lost a step or two in the last five years, but he's still the complete package. Lyrically, the Roots' Black Thought is much sharper than Jay, but Hov is a better and more diverse songwriter. The Roots can do the intellectual stuff, as can Jay, but they don't have the number of club bangers, radio favorites and mixtape anthems that Jay boasts.

My boy Nas overall has a better catalogue than Jay, but I dare say Jigga has more classics - three classic albums to be exact (96's Reasonable Doubt, 2001's Blueprint, and yes, even 1998's Hard Knock Life, don't hate).

And while I love and respect the old school, I don't think you can call The Ruler nor Rakim the greatest alive, simply because of inactivity. I'd easily name Rakim as the No. 3 best rapper alive (behind Jay and Nas) but when was the last time Rakim did something relevant? That song with the Truth Hurts lady?

There's a reason why half of y'all just had to google Truth Hurts.

You could even make the case that Kanye West has had a greater impact on pop culture than Jay. I'd agree, but...did you listen to 808s & Heartbreak? I'm still getting treatments for dry heaving after listening to that atrocity.

Jay's been a top star for nearly 15 years now and I don't really see that changing. Love him or hate him, he's the best rapper alive.

Now, if we factor dead folks into the conversation, there's no question:

See? He has the crown and everything.

Who do you think is the greatest rapper alive? Anyone who votes for Lil Wayne will be banned from GeorgiaMae for life.

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Wanna piece of cake? I'll pass...
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Late last week, the inbox on my cell phone was flooded with text messages telling me about Usher's divorce. Being the superior journalist that I am, I'm always skeptical of text message rumors (remember when Kat Williams supposedly died in a car crash?) but when I get three or more messages saying the same thing, it's usually pretty accurate.

And what do you know, the ghetto grapevine had its facts straight. From nme.com:

Usher and wife Tameka Foster are getting a divorce after just two years of marriage. The couple has two children, an 18-month old and a 6-month old. The two have apparently been living apart for nearly a year now.

Now it's no secret that I have no love for Usher, but I kinda feel for him. He might not be getting a Christmas card from me this year but I hate to see so many marriages crumbling.

Y'all remember what happened with Nas and Kelis, who have been going through a pretty nasty divorce themselves. Kelis has been twittering about Nas' alleged creeping, while Nasty Nas is trying his best to keep those spousal support checks to himself.

Drama. I wonder if Nas wishes he hadn't written all those songs about her. I bet he crosses them off his concert performance list.

Now don't get me wrong, all problems aren't related to creepin'. According to People, it seemed Usher and his ex never seemed to get things together:

"They peaked before they even got married," a friend of Tameka comments. "Right after it was over, they started to drift apart. [Usher] just wasn't ready to settle down, at least not with her."

"He just wasn't used to calling her if he was going to be out late," says the source. "He didn't treat her bad. He just took her for granted."

In interviews, it always seemed that Usher and Tameka (and even Nas and Kelis, to an extent), seemed uncomfortable and forced. Say what you want about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, but they at least seem like they're into each other. At least for now.

Before people rush into relationships - whether it's marriage or simply dating - I wish couples would take more time to work out their issues and to weigh what they really want. Remember when Usher got mad when Tameka's criminal record came out right before they got married? Or when Tameka nearly died while getting some raggedy cosmetic surgery in Brazil? Oh yeah, they had issues.

Usher and Tameka may have wanted to be responsible parents for their babies, but if they rush things and get divorced anyway, it's worthless in the long run. I hope young couples take heed.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If you're having a bad day, watch this. You'll feel better. You may even get up and dance.

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The Houston Chronicle yesterday featured a very interesting story on feminist brides. The piece quotes women who are happily ditching many of the wedding day traditions such as the veil, the "virgin white dress" and the bouquet toss at the reception. Some of the women also scoff at the the idea of being walked down the aisle by their dad as they feel it implies you're your father's property to be given away. Many women are also forgoing the bling, opting for tattoos instead of rings to signify the union.

Just as intriguing as the article were the comments readers posted. Some folks argued that feminists who "thumb their noses" at women who do choose a traditional wedding are being oppressive themselves because the bottom line is that brides should be free to have any ceremony they want -- even if that's a traditional one.

Others feel the women from the article are hung up on things that don't carry as much weight as they think.

"I do not think anyone thought I was being given away by my father as property," one reader wrote. "I wanted him to walk me down the aisle because he was so excited about it. Does anyone really think it is 'giving the bride' away anymore?"

Though I am a self-proclaimed feminist when I got hitched three years ago I proudly had a traditional wedding ceremony. (Well, I didn't wear a veil but that's just because I think most of them look like mosquito net.) My white dress was fabulous and as an honest to goodness daddy's girl there was no way I would have told my father I didn't want him to walk me down the aisle.

I do abhor the way the wedding industry makes women feel like they need to spend $30,000 on one day in order to be happy. (My entire wedding day -- ceremony and reception -- was less than $5,000.) But I wasn't really concerned with having a feminist wedding. I was more focused on creating a healthy marriage -- a union in which my thoughts, desires and goals would be respected and I would be treated like a partner not a maid. And I don't think my poofy white dress stood in the way of that.

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will return in a few days or a few weeks depending on when my hectic life calms down. Sorry.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

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So vamp lovers, what did you think of last night's True Blood season premiere?

If you heart Lafayette as much as I do check out this Entertainment Weekly interview with Nelsan Ellis, the actor who bring the fiery, funny character to life. (Warning: Do not read if you haven't watched the premiere yet.)

What would you like to see happen on the show this season?

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Shelby Knox.

If you're from Texas there's a chance you already know her. Knox is best known for her leadership in the now-defunct Lubbock Youth Commission, which fought for comprehensive sex education in the Lubbock Independent School District. She and her peers lost that battle, but from their efforts the film "The Education of Shelby Knox" was born. The documentary, which won a 2005 Sundance Film Festival award, chronicles Knox's transformation from a 14-year-old member of the city youth commission to an 18-year-old activist.

Now 22, Knox is still busy trying to make the world a better place through activism. We caught up with her recently to chat about her work. Read on to learn more about Knox and feel free to leave your thoughts on comprehensive sex education in the comments section.

You have described yourself as an "itinerant feminist organizer." Explain what you mean by that.

I think it’s important for me as a young woman to identify myself both as a feminist and as an organizer – and the term, borrowed from Gloria Steinem, describes exactly what it is that I do. I travel across the country to speak at high schools, colleges and community events about the need for comprehensive sex education and to conduct workshops and trainings with young people on the how-to’s of youth activism.

If I do my job correctly, the people at my events will realize they only needed an outsider to bring them together to begin the conversation or to renew an action that’s slowed. The resources, personalities, and organizing expertise are present organically in every community and it’s about connecting the right people to make change happen.

Earlier this spring you had an opportunity to Texas Tech's 25th annual All-University Conference on the Advancement of Women in Higher Education along with feminist icon Gloria Steinem. What was that like?

When I was in high school, I found a quote by Gloria Steinem that I turned to to keep me going whenever it got hard to be a young, female activist of faith. It was, “God may be in the details but the Goddess is in the questions and once you start asking them, there’s no turning back.” I idolized her as a woman whose story of coming from hard circumstances in Toledo to discovering her strengths and becoming a powerful organizer for women’s equality resonated with my own – and it was a favorite daydream to come up with little scenarios of what I would say if I were ever lucky enough to meet her!

The conference in Lubbock was not the first time I got that opportunity. I’ve been privileged to know her as a friend and colleague since I moved to New York City in 2007, living in her house for a time as I got on my feet as a freelance writer and consultant. The thing about Gloria is she is so much more than the most known face of the feminist movement – she’s the real deal. She is an amazing networker, always connecting people who can help one another, and has a super-human ability to remember not only vast amounts of organizing information about a wide range of issues but also the names and faces and stories of the many people she meets. She’s a writer first and foremost – and it was the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned as a young writer to realize that she too struggles with putting words to paper and that her first drafts can be as nonsensical as anyone else’s.

Gloria is a true friend to young women, one of those Second Wave feminists who never pulled up the ladder behind her but instead sees young women as equal and valuable colleagues and friends. She abhors the term ‘mentor’ because of the inequality of it, for instance. It was an honor to introduce her to my parents and grandparents when we were in Lubbock – and to serve as a visible reminder of how powerful inter-generational working partnerships can be.

Some people seem to believe that it’s not possible to promote comprehensive sex education and support young people who want to remain abstinent. What would you say to that idea?

I’d say they don’t understand the definition of comprehensive sex education. Comprehensive sex ed includes information about all forms of pregnancy and STI prevention, with a focus on abstinence as an appropriate and viable choice for young people. It also teaches youth how to talk to their peers and partners about that choice, as well as how to talk about and use correctly and consistently condoms and birth control when they do decide to become sexually active – whether that’s over the weekend or on their wedding night.

Sometimes people tell me teaching safer sex practices alongside abstinence is like telling teens to smoke light cigarettes or to use a clean needle while shooting up. The difference is that most parents don’t want their kids to be better smokers or safer drug users but you’d be hard pressed to find parents that don’t want their kids to grow up to be healthy, happy sexual adults – and comprehensive sex ed gives young people the tools to negotiate their sexuality throughout their lifetime by teaching concrete skills like partner-to-partner communication, conflict resolution, and self-care techniques.

What are some other women’s issues you are passionate about these days?

I think all issues are women’s issues and we do both men and women a great disservice to use that term to limit our organizing and rhetoric to things that have to do with children, family, and our reproductive organs. We have to be focused on economic equality for all people, like equal and fair pay as well as pay for male and female caretakers that work inside the home. Feminists of all genders have a vested interest in sustainable energy policies, equal rights for GLBT individuals, and fair immigration policies. On that note, young women who apply for a green card are required to get the HPV vaccine despite no similar requirement for American women – a policy that deprives immigrant women of the right to make health decisions with their doctors and absolutely must be repealed.

I will always be a reproductive justice organizer. We have to make sure women have equal access to health care, including abortion, and the right to decide when and if to have children – and create conditions in which women can parent their own children if they choose to do so. I’m especially interested in exposing crisis pregnancy centers as fake clinics that harm women and ending tax breaks and federal funding for such institutions. And as a simple mark of humanity, we all must work to end sex trafficking both internationally and domestically by decriminalizing the women and focusing on criminalizing the demand. I could go on and on and on.

What kind of encouragement and practical advice can you offer to someone who wants to be an activist or community organizer but feels overwhelmed by the idea.

Start with something that’s affecting you and tell your story as often and anywhere you can – your lived experience is all you need to be an organizer. Once you begin to share your story it will free other people to do the same and pretty soon you’ll have a coalition of people with different skills joined together to take action. Also, utilize the power of social networking – it’s activism to set your Facebook status to air an injustice or to use your Twitter to share links that relate to what you care about or to organize an Internet-wide boycott of a bad company. To be an activist is to know your very existence is political and important – and to encourage others to feel the same.

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there will be no Georgia Mae news report today.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for another edition of He Said, She Said. This occasional Georgia Mae feature allows our resident man blogger and I to discuss different thoughts on issues, both grave and frivolous. "True Blood" fans, you'll get a kick out of this one.

She Said:

Last year I fell for another man.

I couldn't help myself. He's a true Southern gentleman, strong and kind. And since he's several years my senior, he's also very wise. This man has experienced things I can only imagine. Oh, and did I mention he's hot?

Don't worry, though. Hubster and I aren't drafting any divorce papers. While I have always had a thing for older men, this guy happens to be 167 years old, and that's a bit much, even for me.

His name is William Compton, but if you're a fan of the HBO original series True Blood, you know him simply as Bill, the sexy, sensitive vampire that had us at "Sookie is mine!"

Edd thinks my crush on Bill is hilarious because he considers him a poor excuse for a vampire. As True Blood fans know, Bill tries to live peacefully among humans, so he's not the savage beast ripping folks apart for sport that you may be used to in vampire flicks. (Although if you mess with Sookie he will open up a can of whoop-ass on you.)

But this is what makes True Blood such a great show. With vampires like Bill struggling to be accepted by the living folk the series becomes a commentary on race relations and even gay rights. Sure, the metaphor is pretty in your face, but even in its lack of subtly it still works to make the show more than brain (and/or eye) candy.

That's why I'm counting down the hours until I can see my Bill again at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

-- Javacia

He Said:

If there's one thing you've probably learned about me by now is that I live for nostalgia. Those carefree days of my childhood will always be cherished.

And like any grouchy old man, boy, do I hate when people tamper with my memories.

We all grew up on scary movies, and the cinematic villains who starred in them. The Aliens, the Wolfman, Predator, Lil' Wayne's cousins the Gremlins all provided hours of entertainment. And perhaps no movie monster is as prominent as the vampire. I loved vampires because you knew they were gonna cause havoc - and most of the time you couldn't kill 'em! No matter the incarnation - from Dracula, his ghetto cousin Blackula, to the old Castlevania video games back on Nintendo - vampires were no joke.

So who thought it was a good idea to turn feared creatures into whiny Abercrombie models?

I've watched True Blood with the wifey a few times, and yeah, overall the show is OK. But it bothers me to no end that those vampires are just prissy pretty boys. I understand that this show provides a more "realistic" take of vampire mythology but even Count Duckula would shake his head at the wimpy main character, Bill. He only does three things - stand around looking sad, run around looking sad, or have sex with that lady, while looking sad. Isn't dude like 450 years old? Why hasn't anyone called him out on his cradle-robbing?

The only vampire on that show who has a mean streak is a dude named Eric. Now who would be afraid of somebody named Eric? Can you think of one scary guy named Eric? Erik Estrada? Eric Benet? Eric Cartman? Playa, please. At least name him Dr. Fang or something.

And don't even get me started on those pasty Twilight kids. They look more concerned with writing bad poetry and listening to All American Rejects than doing bad stuff.

These new vampires suck. So to speak.

I'm going to get a bowl of Count Chocula. Now that's a real vampire for you.

-- Edd
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TV stations in the U.S. plan to cut their analog signals today, ending a more than 80-year era for the over-the-air technology that changed America's landscape, and reshaped and defined its culture. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that more than 1 million homes still have not installed digital converters or switched to a digital cable or satellite service provider, and has put 4,000 operators on standby to handle calls from confused viewers. Volunteer groups and local government agencies were helping elderly viewers set up digital converter boxes that keep older TVs functioning. FOX News

Iranians packed polling stations from to choose Friday between keeping hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in power or replacing him with a reformist who favors greater freedoms and improved ties with the United States. The fiery, monthlong campaign -- with mass rallies, polished slogans, savvy Internet outreach and televised debates that resembled Western elections -- could bring a record turnout. Lines formed quickly at many voting sites in areas considered both strongholds for Ahmadinejad and his main rival, reformist Mir Hossein Mousavi, who served as prime minister in the 1980s and has become the surprise hero of a powerful youth-driven movement. MSNBC

American college student Amanda Knox took the stand today in an Italian courtroom, defending herself against charges that she took part in the killing of her roommate two years ago, her lawyer said. Knox, 21, from Seattle, Washington, distanced herself from the confused and conflicting deposition she gave to police just days after her roommate, British student Meredith Kercher, was found dead. She said she was under the influence of marijuana when she spoke to police and did not realize at the time that her police interview was on the record. Kercher's body was found half-naked in her bed Nov. 2, 2007, at the villa she shared with Knox. Prosecutors have said Kercher, 21, died in a "drug-fueled sex game" with Knox and Knox's then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito. Knox and Sollecito are charged with murder and sexual assault. CNN

Malawi's highest court has ruled that Madonna can adopt a second child from the country, Malawi, overturning a lower court decision that forbade the adoption earlier this spring. The three-judge panel ruled that the singer's commitment to helping disadvantaged children should have been taken into account when deciding on Madonna's request to adopt 3-year-old Chifundo "Mercy" James. Children's welfare groups had expressed concern that rules meant to protect children were being bent because of Madonna's celebrity, and perhaps out of gratitude for what she has done for Malawi. (Madonna has founded a charity, Raising Malawi, which helps feed, educate and provide medical care for some of Malawi's more than 1 million orphans, half of whom have lost a parent to AIDS.) A Malawian man claiming to be Mercy's biological father had also objected to the adoption. CBS News

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

She's Got The Look contestants include the beautiful Dolores who, believe it or not, is 72!
(image via)

In the last cycle of America's Next Top Model the judges often gushed over contestant Celia Ammerman's tres chic style, eventually gave her the boot because at 25 she was simply too old to start a high-fashion modeling career.

But TV Land's hit original series She's Got The Look is out to give the mature divas a chance to shine. In case you missed the first season, She's Got The Look is a modeling competition for women over the age of 35. As with ANTM, the contenders will live in a house together and participate in weekly challenges to see who has what it takes to have "The Look." The winner will receive $100,000, a contract with the world-famous Wilhelmina Modeling Agency and a spread in SELF magazine.

Season 2 of She's Got the Look premieres tonight at 9 p.m. EST. If you check it out, stop by and let me know what you think.

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The World Health Organization is likely to declare the first flu pandemic in 41 years as swine flu infections continued to climb in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America and elsewhere. Officials say the declaration of a pandemic - a global epidemic - would probably come after a WHO emergency meeting today in Geneva. A "pandemic" label is not a statement on the severity of the virus, only on its geographical spread. The declaration of a pandemic would, however, push drug makers to fast-track production of a swine flu vaccine. CBS News

Two pieces of new evidence suggest that Air France Flight 447 broke up over a number of minutes, rather than in one catastrophic incident, before plunging into the Atlantic Ocean and killing all 228 people aboard. Firstly, bodies from Flight 447 had been picked up from locations more than 50 miles apart. And secondly, a re-analysis of the plane's last automatic transmissions indicated many parts had malfunctioned before it plunged into the Atlantic. Manufacturer Airbus say the investigation re-enforced the belief that the parts measuring air speed were the first to fail. Meanwhile, two terror suspects who died alongside 226 other passengers on the stricken jet have been ruled out as a cause of the disaster. The two men only "shared the same name" as known Islamic radicals, posthumous security checks found. FOX News

President Barack Obama, facing challenges to his ambitious health care overhaul from Congress, is visiting supporters outside the capital and to muster up support and momentum for his plans.
Obama on Thursday readied to fly to Green Bay, Wis., to talk directly with voters about his proposals to spend $1.5 trillion over the next decade to cover uninsured Americans. MSNBC
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stephen Tyrone Johns, the security guard wounded during a shootout today at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington has died as the result of his injuries. The news came as investigators pieced together a disturbing portrait of the alleged shooter, James von Brunn, an 88-year-old white supremacist. Von Brunn, who allegedly entered the museum with a .22-caliber rifle and exchanged gunfire with Johns, was in serious condition after the shootout. Two other guards returned fire and wounded the alleged gunman. Von Brunn's ex-wife told ABC News by phone that Von Brunn "was eaten alive like a cancer with his hatred of Jews and blacks." ABC News

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, who stirred up trouble for herself when she said gays shouldn't be allowed to marry, heard two dreaded words from Donald Trump today: "You're fired." Trump, who owns Miss California USA's parent organization, and other pageant leaders said Prejean was being got the boot not because of the remarks but because she hadn't been holding up her end of the agreement she signed when she entered the pageant. They say Prejean was skipping Miss California USA events while speaking out against gay marriage at unsanctioned appearances. After the complaints reached Trump the mogul initially decided to give her a second chance and keep her on, but today changed his mind. CBS News

Chrysler and Italian automaker Fiat have officially signed a strategic alliance brokered by the U.S. government, one day after the Supreme Court cleared the path for the deal. Fiat will initially take a 20% stake in the company; its share can go up to 35% if it reaches certain fuel-efficiency goals. CNNMoney.com
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It’s happened again.

For the past few years, almost like clockwork, I start getting an urge to get knocked up around springtime. The feeling is usually gone before summer rolls around but June 21 is less than two weeks away and I still keep having baby love daydreams.

I hate when this happens, mainly because I feel like I have split personalities. You see, no part of my rational self wants a kid. Don’t get me wrong, I think motherhood is beautiful, but I’m not ready to be anybody’s mama. I can barely take care of myself. But despite this, something inside, probably hormones (or indigestion from too much Mexican food) has me wondering, "What if."

To make matters worse, not one, not two, but three of my best friends are preggers. And folks around me keep saying, “You’re next.” and I keep saying “You’re crazy.” But I also keep kicking around baby names.

If you’re thinking, "Oh Jai, you’d be a great mom," you obviously don’t know me well. I’m selfish, I’m broke, I hate cooking and I’m afraid that becoming a lactation station will give me saggy boobs.

While I work great with teenagers, little kids scare the crap out of me. They’re always leaking something from somewhere and they’re constantly giggling, babbling and falling like miniature drunks. In fact, I often refer to them as drunkards to their faces and I have a tendency to employ the "eye for an eye" philosophy when dealing with them. Case in point: one day at the grocery store this bad little girl threw Skittles at me. My response: I picked the candy up off the floor and hurled them right back at her. I bet she'll think twice the next time she wants to throw confections at strangers minding their own business. But that probably wasn’t the mature, motherly thing to do.

So the next time you’re tempted to ask me when hubster and I are having kids, reread this post and remember that, at least for now, it’s best for society that I remain childless.

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Breaking news: American Idol runner up Adam Lambert is gay. (Gasp!)

I'm sure this is a huge shock for all of you so I'll give you a moment of silence to process this.


After months of speculation about his sexuality, Lambert finally came out in a Rolling Stone magazine cover story. He says, "I'm proud of my sexuality. I embrace it. It's just another part of me."

As to why he did not come out publicly earlier, Lambert says, "I'm trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader."

Uh, ok.

What has me baffled, however, is not why Lambert didn't come out earlier, but what exactly the Rolling Stone art department was going for with the cover shot. Check it out.

image via

What is up with the weird butterfly and snake imagery? And while we're at it, what's up with Lambert's outfit.
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will be posted later today.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Have you heard Jay-Z's new song? It's called D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-tune), which amounts to four minutes of Jay fussing about rappers moonlighting as karaoke singers.

It's like I wrote this song!

Ironically, the track was co-produced by Mr. Snug Britches, Kanye West. I expect him to start whining any minute. But according to Jay, it's not a diss. From xxlmag.com:

“I’m not saying that Auto-Tune is wack,” he explained. “What I’m saying is someone does that. You know T-Pain he did it, he writes great melodies, fantastic, Wayne did it and Kanye. You know leave that for them. Not everybody. Like we all gonna make one type of record. Like that’s how you stagnate hip-hop, that’s how people get turned off. You listen to the radio and every single record has Auto-Tune. That’s corny, that’s wack.”

You can't fool me, Jay. You hate auto-tune as much as me.

If we can expect more of this grumpy, old-man rap on his new album, Blueprint 3, I'm counting the days till September. Check it out.

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We're currently working on a GeorgiaMae.com redesign. So if you stop by and the blog looks completely different (as it does today) don't freak out. We're just testing out different layout styles, but we're still the same Georgia Mae.

If you see a look you really like, let us know. If you see a look you hate, let us know that too.

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North Korea said Tuesday it would use nuclear weapons in a "merciless offensive" if provoked - its latest rhetoric apparently aimed at deterring any international punishment for its recent atomic test blast. The statement comes as the families of two American journalists sentenced to 12 years in a North Korean labor prison urge the government to grant them clemency and hope the U.S. government will work to negotiate their release. It is possible North Korean President Kim Jong Il will return to a nuclear freeze and free journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling if the U.S. and U.N. present a package of incentives. Fourteen years ago, Kim Jong Il released a downed American pilot less than a week after President Clinton agreed to ship $2.5 billion in U.S. aid and oil. CBS News

The government is set to announce as early as Tuesday morning which of the country's biggest banks will be able to repay billions in federal bailout dollars. But some worry the repayments could widen the gap between healthy and weak banks. Congress approved the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program eight months ago as financial markets teetered on collapse but banks have been eager to pay back bailout money and cut the federal strings that come with it. Combined, the repayments could exceed $50 billion. Experts say that figure reflects a measure of stability that has returned to the banking system but caution that the crisis isn't over. MSNBC

U.S. authorities have brought the first Guantanamo Bay detainee to the United States, flying him into New York to face trial for bombing U.S. embassies. Ahmed Ghailani arrived in the early morning hours Tuesday. U.S. Marshals took custody of Ghailani from his military jailers and brought him to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. Ghailani is scheduled to appear in Manhattan federal court later Tuesday. NY Times
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Monday, June 8, 2009

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There comes a time when we all have to grow up.

Sure, I'd rather be sitting in the living room floor, surrounded by Transformers while watching Darkwing Duck, but let's be real - those long hours at the office keep the lights turned on. Besides, it's hard to transform a robot in the dark. And you wouldn't believe how expensive those little things are.

I'm just playing. I haven't watched Darkwing Duck in years.

Anyway, it seems that Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah has realized that it's time to be a man. I read on sohh.com the other day that his newest project will be an "R&B album."
Now before you vomit all over your keyboard, from what I gather, this album will feature tracks along the lines of Method Man and Mary J. Blige's classic "All I Need," not the hot garbage that was Kanye's last album. The last thing we need is more auto-tune.

According to Ghostface, this change in creative direction comes along with maturity. Take heed to these wise words:

You gotta tell the fans that you not gettin' no younger here, we gettin' older! And everybody don't sell crack no more, man. I don't sell crack, yo.

Wow, a rapper that admits that he doesn't sell crack anymore! Anybody have Young Jeezy's phone number? He should hear this.

I ain't movin' no bricks or none of that other s***. I ain't shoot nobody in like since the early 90's, man.

You can rest easy tonight knowing that Ghostface hasn't busted a cap in about 10 years.

...And the fans gotta stop bein' so dumb and ignorant, and know it's time to talk about grown-man situations. S*** that happen in the real life, inside your household, your love life, your personal life, that's just like, 'Damn, it's hard for a n**** to get some money!'

See, fans, it's all your fault! Stop being ignorant and maybe cretins like OJ Da Juiceman will stop assaulting my radio. Why do y'all like that fool? He sounds like a poodle.

Plus, did you notice how Ghost just summed up the entire economic downturn in one sentence? If McCain kept it that real during the election he might have turned things around. He would have had my vote.

It might be so hard to get some money that your girl might wanna leave you someday because you ain't get no money like you like you used to be getting' money! Those are real situations, so I think it should start goin' back to songs that mean s***. All that other s*** outside is just gonna keep us dumb, deaf and blind, yo, and we ain't never gonna get nowhere."

Uh oh, I think I just deduced Ghost's change in attitude. Don't let me find out Mrs. Killah is trying to leave my boy because those Ironman royalties have dried up. I guess that'll make any man retire from thuggin'.

There you go. Wise words from a wise man. Hip hop, it's time to grow up and go back to songs that mean s***. Aren't you tired of being dumb, deaf and blind, yo?
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U.S. journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee have purportedly been sentenced to 12 years in a North Korea labor camp for "hostilities against the Korean nation and illegal entry." The two women were arrested in March while reporting for Al Gore's Current TV along the Chinese-North Korean border. Meanwhile, the U.S. government is working feverishly for their release. ABC News

Seventeen bodies have been recovered from last week's crash of an Air France jetliner off the South American coast, according to Brazil's military. Air France 447 disappeared over the Atlantic early last Monday. The jet was en route to Paris, France, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with 228 passengers and crew aboard. The bodies were found floating about 700 miles from the Brazilian coast. Items found in the same area Saturday were confirmed to have come from the jet, including pieces of the aircraft's wing section, luggage and a leather briefcase containing an airplane ticket with a reservation code for the doomed flight. Two key pieces of evidence -- the flight data and cockpit voice recorders -- remain missing, and could lay on the ocean floor. CNN

President Barack Obama promised Monday to deliver more than 600,000 jobs through his $787 billion stimulus plan this summer, with federal agencies pumping billions into public works projects, schools and summer youth programs. Obama is ramping up his stimulus program this week even as his advisers are ramping down expectations about when the spending plan will effect a continuing rise in the nation's unemployment. Many of the stimulus plans that Obama announced Monday already were in the works, including hundreds of maintenance projects at military bases, about 1,600 state road and airport improvements, and federal money states budgeted for 135,000 teachers, principals and school support staff. FOX News
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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Brazilian air force says that debris picked up near where officials believe Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean was not from the plane. Officials also say that oil slicks seen on the ocean were not from the plane either and that the quantity of oil exceeded the amount the plane would have carried. CNN

With companies in no mood to hire, the unemployment rate jumped to 9.4 percent in May, the highest in more than 25 years. But layoffs eased, with employers cutting 345,000 jobs, the fewest since September. This marks the fourth straight month that the pace of layoffs slowed. The much smaller-than-expected reduction in payroll jobs, reported by the Labor Department on Friday, adds to evidence that the recession is loosening its hold on the country. Still, the increase in the nation's unemployment rate from 8.9 percent in April underscores the difficulties that America's 14.5 million unemployed are having in finding new jobs. CBS News

The body of American actor David Carradine, known for the 1970s TV series "Kung Fu" and the "Kill Bill" movies, was found yesterday in a Bangkok hotel room closet naked with a rope tied to his neck and genitals. Police initially suspected suicide but now say his death may have been accidental suffocation. Police Lt. Gen. Worapong Chewprecha told reporters that Carradine was found with a rope "tied around his penis and another rope around his neck." "The two ropes were tied together," he said. "It is unclear whether he committed suicide or not or he died of suffocation or heart failure due to an orgasm." CBS News
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

This editorial cartoon was in Tuesday's edition of the Oklahoman. As you can see, the image depicts Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as a piñata. Seriously.

Sotomayor, if confirmed, will be the first Latina woman to serve on the Supreme Court. As I mentioned last week, her nomination has been met with much criticism by the GOP.

What do you think of the cartoon? Is it a statement about how Republicans plan to berate her at her confirmation hearing or is the image an example of blatant racism?

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During his much-anticipated speech in Cairo, Egypt, President Barack Obama today addressed tensions between the U.S. and Muslims, saying that "sweeping change brought by modernity and globalization led many Muslims to view the West as hostile to the traditions of Islam." Obama said he wanted to make it clear that America is not "at war with Islam."
* Visit CNN.com for more details and video of the speech.

The number of people on the unemployment insurance rolls fell slightly last week for the first time in 20 weeks and the tally of new jobless claims also dipped. The Labor Department said the tally of first-time claims for jobless benefits declined to a seasonally adjusted 621,000 from the previous week's revised figure of 625,000. The total jobless benefit rolls fell by 15,000 to 6.7 million. The report provides a glimmer of good news for job seekers, though both drops were small and the figures remain significantly above the levels associated with a healthy economy. CBS News

Two American journalists faced trial Thursday in North Korea on accusations of illegal entry and "hostile acts" in a case that could send them to a labor camp for 10 years. Back home, their families pleaded for leniency. Laura Ling, sister of journalist Lisa Ling, and Euna Lee, both reporters for former Vice President Al Gore's California-based Current TV media venture, were arrested March 17 near the North Korean border while on a reporting trip to China. MSNBC

Bizarre News:
A Washington state man accused of having sex with his two dogs admitted in Lewis County Superior Court he would be found guilty of cruelty to animals. The 21-year-old was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail and a deviancy evaluation. He's restricted from owning animals for two years. Prosecutor Michael Golden told a Washington radio station Whitson is a member of a group known as the Furries who identify with an animal and dress the part in makeup, ears and tail. Golden says Furries gather for social events but having sex with animals is not part of their normal behavior. He says two other Furries who met Whitson witnessed the animal sex and turned him in. CBS News
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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I received a text message Monday morning asking if I saw the "Eminem incident" on the MTV awards the previous night.

My first question was "which award show?"

I later realized it was the movie awards. I'm sorry, but as they say in the Good Book, "when I became a man, I put away childish things." There is no way I can sit through three hours of corny comedians giving awards to kids I don't even know.

And once I saw that "Twilight" racked up most of the awards I knew I made the right decision. I'm sure a bunch of you out there love that movie, but that film features the weakest bunch of vampires I've EVER seen. They look like they'd rather strum on their guitars and put gel in their hair than bite somebody.

Anyway, back to the Eminem business. Sasha Baron Cohen, the guy who plays Borat, flew into the awards show on a cable dressed as some weird half-naked angel thing, the wiring "malfunctioned" and he landed right on Em's lap. With his bare butt in Em's face.

For a few days, the big question was if this incident was staged. The Daily Mail reported yesterday that MTV writer Scott Aukerman revealed the stunt was in fact a well-rehearsed sketch.

Well, duh, Of COURSE it was staged. The camera zoomed in on Eminem WELL before Borat Guy started descending (very gently, I might add). They knew where he was gonna land. Plus, Em's crew of henchmen merely lifted Borat Guy off of their boss and playfully batted him around, instead of stomping the tar out of him. That's what they're paid to do, right?

The bigger question here is why in the world Eminem would agree to this.

We all know Em has a bizarre sense of humor. He probably loves that Borat stuff. Plus, through most of his new album, Em uses a weird accent in most of the songs - maybe that's inspired by Borat, who knows.

One thing's for sure, Eminem circa 2000 wouldn't have stood for this. But I guess he's softening in his old age. As far as I know, he has yet to respond to Nick Cannon's threats for dissing Mariah. I'm not saying he should, but y'all know the old Em would have eaten him alive by now.

Maybe we're seeing the emergence of a kinder, gentler Eminem. Or maybe it's just karma coming back on him. Remember when he spit: "My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips/and if I'm lucky you might just give it a little kiss." I think Borat is waiting for his kiss, Em, the ball is in your court.

Heh. Balls.
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French officials -- who said there is now no hope that anyone survived the crash of an Air France jet that plunged into the Atlantic -- said Wednesday they may never find the doomed jets flight data recorders. The Airbus 330, with 216 passengers and 12 crew members on board, disappeared from radar screens, some three hours after it took off from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil en route to Paris. A memorial for the victims of Flight AF 447, which included 61 people from France, 58 Brazilians, 26 Germans and people from 29 other countries, will take place at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris at 10 a.m. ET. Brazil has declared three days of mourning. CNN

President Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia today for the first leg of his third overseas trip, where the Middle East peace process is at the top of his agenda. Obama will spend the day at the king's horse farm outside the city and the two leaders are expected to discuss the Middle East peace process, Iran, Pakistan and oil prices. The White House recently added this quick stop in Riyadh before the president travels to Cairo Thursday. ABC News

An activist abortion opponent was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in the death of late-term abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, asking the judge by video when he would see his court-appointed lawyer. Scott Roeder, 51, was shown via a video link from the Sedgwick County Jail. Judge Ben Burgess ordered Roeder to be held without bond and said he was not allowed to communicate with Tiller's family. Roeder will be assigned a public defender. CBS News

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie Alley make their struggles with weight a public issue, many applaud their transparency. Some women connect with the celebs' openness and say it fuels their motivation. But not all women were inspired when Oprah declared in the January issue of her magazine “I’m mad at myself. I’m embarrassed.” after realizing she'd hit 200 pounds.

Some experts believe these public weight battles can cause more harm than good, according to a recent New York Times article. That's the topics of a recent NY times article.

Health experts quoted in the story say celebrity dieters often publicize weight-loss goals that are unrealistic for more obese women.

Furthermore, chance are a woman who has finally come to accept her body as is will feel pretty discouraged after hearing celebs like Alley call herself "disgusting" for being overweight.

From the NY Times article, "Bingeing on Celebrity Weight Battles":

It’s not that these women are unsympathetic to Ms. Alley. Been there, felt that. “You loathe yourself,” Ms. Alley told People. “You hate what you’ve done to yourself.”

But the yo-yo dieting and disparaging comments prompt some women to feel unmotivated and hopeless.

“I can’t believe this is still getting to me,” said Sarah Morice, 31, a doctoral candidate in theology at Notre Dame. “I see what Kirstie Alley says about herself and how easy it is for that to become my script. It’s easy to lapse into ‘Oh, my body’s ugly,’ and ‘What’s the use?’ She triggers all those messages for me.”

What do you think about celebrities going public with their weight struggles?

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Pilots flying a commercial jet from Paris to Rio de Janeiro for Brazil's largest airline, TAM, spotted what they thought was fire in the Atlantic Ocean along the same flight path of an Air France jet that vanished Monday. Authorities are investigating the pilots' sighting. FOX News

General Motors Corp. has tentatively agreed to sell its Hummer brand, a day after the U.S. automaker filed for bankruptcy protection with hopes that it will transform its most profitable assets into a new company within just 30 days. Appearing on CBS' The Early Show Tuesday, GM CEO Fritz Henderson did not disclose the buyer's name or the price, but said the "buyer is quite capable." The sale will likely save more than 3,000 U.S. jobs in manufacturing, engineering and at various Hummer dealerships. CBS News

Rebecca Rubin is an alleged domestic terrorist who may have been involved in groups that led two of the biggest eco-crimes in U.S. history -- the 1998 bombing of a Vail, Colo., ski resort and a 2001 explosion at an Oregon power plant. But Rebecca Rubin is also an 18-inch doll, the newest in the American Girl collection, which brings in $463 million each year for the toy giant Mattel.
Unfortunately for the toy company those searching for online purchases of the doll will likely find an FBI wanted poster instead. ABC News

Check out this report which predicts the states that recover from the recession first. My sweet home Alabama should start to bounce back early next year. Things don't look so good for Kentucky, though. When will your state make a comeback?

Please read this Associated Press report on "The Black Man Did It" lie. Here's how the story begins:

It's an old lie, claiming that The Black Man Did It.
But it was trotted out again last week when a white mother from suburban Philadelphia said two black men snatched her and her 9-year-old daughter from their SUV and abducted them in the trunk of a black Cadillac.
Blacks across the country were outraged after Bonnie Sweeten was found in a luxury hotel at Disney World. Authorities quickly unraveled the hoax, but not before an Amber Alert, frantic searches and national news coverage that played into images of marauding black men.

It goes on to review other times this lie has been used and what it means for race relations in our country. Click here for the entire story and let me know what you think.
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Monday, June 1, 2009


Relapse (released May 19, 2009)

For a few minutes, let me play the role of therapist.

This might be surprising to some, but I just acquired Eminem's sophomore album, 2000's The Marshall Mathers LP, a couple of months back. It has been five years since Em released a full-length studio album ('04's uneven Encore) so The Marshall Mathers LP reminded me just how skilled this guy is.

And how totally insane he is.

Even before his lengthy hiatus, Eminem seemed to slowly drift away from his psychotic Slim Shady persona, focusing more on thuggin' with 50 Cent and even delving into social commentary on a few songs.

But like many addicts, Em's regressing back into his destructive ways. Hense, his comeback album is a return to the crazy Eminem of old - Relapse is full of killin', druggin' and dissin' celebrities. Except this time he's rapping in a weird accent, for some reason.

Yep, Em still hates his momma, giving her grief on "My Mom," he's still picking on Christopher Reeve's corpse on "Medicine Ball," and he's still whining about Mariah Carey on "Bagpipes from Baghdad." But as much as you want to shake your head at this addict spiraling back into old habits, his flow and wicked sense of humor still grips you. I literally laughed out loud when he spit "This ain't dinner/This is paint thinner!" on "My Mom."

Tired of Eminem pretending to be a serial killer? I thought I was too, until listening to his vivid rampage on "3 a.m." and his lyrical dexterity on "Stay Wide Awake" - "Soon as my flow starts/I compose art like the ghost of Mozart."

Every addict has a supplier, and you can blame Dr. Dre for egging Em on. I've never been a big fan of Dre's production, but his typical dark, heavy beats actually adds to the album's somber mood.

While there is something to be said for familiarity, sometimes you just get tired of a crackhead acting like a crackhead. The video for "We Made You" might be goofy fun, but the concept is pretty stale at this point. Same for "Crack a Bottle," which sounds like a G-Unit song from 2003. And while a lot of people seem to like "Insane" (fish-stick loving Kanye West being among them), the shock value of Em being "raped" by his stepfather isn't very shocking. "Underground" may be the only track on the album that isn't a rehash of an older song, but Em's off-kilter flow clashed with the beat.

After being away from the spotlight for so long, I think it was much easier for Eminem to regress back into the persona that made him famous in the first place. And while there's much to love about Relapse, I wish there would have been more progression instead of regression.

Best tracks: "3 a.m.", "Medicine Ball," "Bagpipes from Baghdad"

3.5 stars out of 5
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Scott Roeder, a 51-year-old man from the Kansas City, Kansas area, has been charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Dr. George Tiller, a physician whose women's clinic frequently took center stage in the debate over abortion. Tiller, 67, was serving as an usher during morning services Sunday when he was shot in the foyer of Reformation Lutheran Church. Tiller was one of the few doctors in the U.S. who performed late-term abortions and his women's clinic has been the site of repeated protests for about two decades. A protester shot Tiller in both arms in 1993, and his clinic was bombed in 1985. FOX News

General Motors has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a deal that will give taxpayers a 60 percent ownership stake and expand the government's reach into big business. The federal government would pump $30 billion dollars into GM as it makes its way through bankruptcy court. That's besides the $20 billion in taxpayers' money that the Treasury already lent to the automaker. At least 11 plants will be closed and three idled and 21,000 more jobs will be eliminated. Dealership cuts could total 2,600. Additionally GM's Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer and Saab operations will be either sold or closed. CBS News

Officials believe a missing Air France jet carrying 228 people from Rio de Janeiro to Paris ran into strong thunderstorms over the Atlantic Ocean and was possibly hit by lightning. Air France Flight 447, an Airbus A330, left Rio on Sunday at 7 p.m. local time, 6 p.m. EDT, with 216 passengers and 12 crew members on board. About four hours later, the plane sent an automatic signal indicating electrical problems while going through strong turbulence. The plane eventually disappeared from radar. Two Brazilian Air Force planes were searching the waters about 300 kilometers northeast of the coastal city of Natal near the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha.
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