What a Girl Wants

With Black Friday two days away, holiday shopping is kicking into full gear. Hubster asked me to compile a wish list and I’ve decided to post it here because, well, I didn’t have anything else to blog about today, and because it might give you some ideas for the quirky chicks on your list. So here goes:

Next to Shawshank Redemption, Coming to America is my favorite movie of all time. I can recite every line and the jokes never get old. I’ve been coveting this Soul Glo tee for months and it’s only $6.50!

I’ve posted this tee on the blog before, but this golden gift is worth repeating. It’s around $23 at the Bust magazine Boobtique.
I’m off for Thanksgiving and I’ve spent much of the day in my robe — a robe I bought my sophomore year of college. Since then I have lived in Louisville, Berkeley, and Seattle; I’ve acquired two degrees, started two different careers and found a husband. Yet I’ve never managed to buy a new robe. It won’t even come completely clean in the wash anymore. Please help!
(Note to my Santa Baby: Only one left in stock so order soon. But in case they’re all gone I really like this one and this one too.)
available at Barnes & Noble
Yes “Come Together” may be a coked-out song, but it’s a classic nonetheless and perhaps this journal will inspire me to pen some classics of my own.


  1. im assuming this blog to directed towards yours truly?! LOL

  2. What’s the fancy with that cat? The tshirts are hot and the journal as well!

  3. She’s just so cute!!! I can’t help it. I see something with Hello Kitty on it and I have to have it. I need help.

  4. Courtney you need to join the Hello Kitty fan club. LOL

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