Happy Turkey Day!

On this day of thanks I am grateful for:

– God’s unconditional love
– the amazing husband God blessed me with
– the parental units, my baby bro and my BFF/cousin Tasha
– Hello Kitty, cupcakes, Mexican food, and Facebook
– Nick Saban (Roll Tide!)
– my new home in the Dirty South
– my will to live life to the fullest despite the pain of living with lupus and connective tissue disease
– this blog and the fact that I live in a country where I can freely write my thoughts and share them with others
– and of course you, for reading what I write

Your turn!



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  2. -GOD
    -my family(although insane)
    -my singleness(keeps me sane)
    -the neon(my second home)
    -the DOT(pays the bills)
    -Dark Chocolate(gives me a great high)
    -Mexican Food
    -Good Books

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