Edd’s MANtra: Power of the Dollar

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I’m not a huge Diddy fan. His songs have been horrible without Biggie around to carry the weight (heh heh) and he’s solely to blame for me having to write “Whatever Happened to” pieces on some of my favorite 90s stars. Is Black Rob still in jail? Is Total still unemployed?

But there are a couple of things Puff does well – fashion and fragrances. I’ve long been a fan of the Sean Jean clothing line. Urban, yet classy. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I slap on his Unforgivable cologne when I wanna get my pimpin’ real strong.

And now I hear fellow mogul 50 Cent is trying to get in the scent game.

From fragrantica.com:

Curtis Jackson known as 50 Cent will present his first perfume created in cooperation with Lighthouse Beauty this autumn. Name of the perfume is Power by 50 Cent, and Curtis himself participated in design….

The composition starts with accords of lemon leaves, black pepper and artemisia, a heart of dark wood, coriander and nutmeg and base notes full of patchouli, musk and oak moss.

Lemon leaves? Black pepper? Nutmeg?? Was G-Unit digging through somebody’s grandma’s spice cabinet?

According to People magazine, you can pick up this stew at Macy’s for $50.50 for a 1.7-ounce eau de toilette to $68.50 for a two-piece gift set of eau de toilette and after shave.

For those of you who want to smell like lemon-pepper chicken, there you go.

I’m starting to think Fiddy’s stretching himself too thin. Video games, vitamin water, movie deals – I guess he’s running out of money-making schemes. If he really thinks he can make money by making dudes smell like leftover soul food I won’t stop him. But buyer beware – don’t say I didn’t warn you when cats start following you home.

50 could, you know, make a decent album to make some extra cash (his new one drops today), but I guess that would be asking too much.


  1. LOL @ lemon pepper chicken and leftover soul food..50 has irked the mess outta me from the moment he became famous..

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