Edd’s MANtra: Birthday Jam

I must admit, I wasn’t very excited about my birthday yesterday. When I was 10 I could look forward to all the cool new Ninja Turtles I conned my parents into wasting their money on. But once you’re too old for Ninja Turtles, life loses its meaning.

I planned to spend my birthday continuing the maddening process of getting an Alabama driver’s license and registration. With all the red tape you’d think I was trying to join the United Nations. But when I was finally done the best gift of all awaited me at home.

Was it the love of my friends and family? The comfort of my wife? Or the realization that, at age 30, life is just beginning?

Don’t be silly, playa, it was a Playstation 3! It was a surprise gift from the wifey.

I used to be quite the gamer in my day, and I still find time to play occasionally, but I’ve lagged behind on the newest hardware for years. And one of the first games I wanna try is DJ Hero, which coincidentally was released this week. Jay-Z chimed in on yahoo news:

The 39-year-old rapper was busy Monday promoting the new “DJ Hero” video game…. A special edition of the game — “DJ Hero Renegade Edition” — features a turntable controller as well as a two CDs, one from Jay-Z and another from Eminem.

For all you Guitar Hero fans out there, consider DJ Hero as that game’s hip hop cousin. I was never a huge fan of Guitar Hero or Rock Band mostly because they don’t reflect my taste in music. Having the chance to play along with some of hip hop’s best songs sounds pretty awesome.

Have any of you guys tried out DJ Hero? If so, let us know your thoughts.



  1. I have not tried it yet, but I SOOO want to or want my own!

  2. i hear its plenty challenging but i cant wait to get it myself!!

  3. I’m a HUGE DJ Hero fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you get a hold of the Renegade Edition I will be envious….check it out below.


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