Whatever happened to: Soul For Real

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Soul For Real was among the hundreds of male R&B groups to spring up in the mid ’90s. According to industry lore, Heavy D discovered the four brothers – Andre, Christopher, Brian and Jason Dalyrimple (aka, the REALLY short one) while at McDonald’s. I’m not sure if that story was ever confirmed, but it seems plausible – picturing Heavy D hanging around McDonald’s isn’t much of a stretch.

Soul For Real exploded on the scene in 1995 with their debut, Candy Rain. Look at their album cover – I’ve never seen four more confused looking brothers in my life. Why is everyone looking in different directions? And the little dude seems like he’s thinking “Is this guy REALLY going to stand here with his hands on his hips like Superman?”

Dumb cover aside, the titular lead single was as catchy as it was cavity-inducing. It went all the way to the No. 2 spot on Billboard. I’m willing to bet that everyone born before 1984 still remembers the chorus to that song – don’t front, you’re singing it to yourself right now! And don’t forget “Every Little Thing I Do” – that was the skating rink anthem back in the day. You just don’t hear youthful, yet soulful records like those anymore.

The success of the album had everyone labeling them the “new” New Edition. But as we now know, that didn’t really work out.

A year later they released For Life, produced by Heavy D and everyone’s least favorite rap mogul, Diddy. The only song I remember from that album is “Love You So,” which wasn’t bad but sounded like a ripoff 112 track – not surprising when you realize Puff was on board. I certainly understand why Hev would hook his boys up with Puffy – 1996 was the height of Bad Boy’s success – but I doubt Puff invested much time in them. That likely hurt the group.

Just when you thought the boys went back to their day jobs at McDonald’s, they renamed themselves Soul IV Real and threw on some (somewhat) fresh wife beaters for 1999’s Heat. Times must have gotten hard because they sounded really lethargic on the remix to “Can’t Wait,” and the recycled Busta Rhymes beat doesn’t help. They were never the best vocalists but what happened to their range?

The boys attempted a comeback a couple of years ago, releasing “One Man” with Jadakiss, but their voices sound even raspier than Jada’s! Have they been eating from ash trays?

Should they come back?: Whoo, playa, not if they sound like their post ’99 work. Get those dudes some Chloraseptic! Plus, earlier this year Brian was charged with identity theft, so he has much bigger problems.

Oh well, we’ll always have Candy Rain.



  1. Don’t think a comeback will happen anytime soon. Per wikipedia: On February 25, 2009, group member Brian Dalyrimple was arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina on charges of identity theft. Prior to his arrest, Dalyrimple allegedly took his 10-month-old son from his grandmother’s home and fled to a friend’s home in Charlotte. Police were given a tip which led to his arrest. Dalyrimple, along with his son’s mother, are accused of orchestrating financial thefts from over 200 victims in the Duluth, Georgia area and other jurisdictions.

  2. Candy Rain really took me way back! I think the group got caught in the ever-changing world of hip hop and couldn’t keep up with the way hip hop and r and b were changing. Im learning now that timing is everything when it comes to the music business and if you just jump out there, as Snoop Dogg said “You bound to drizzown!


  3. Candy Rain was the song! I remember that video like it was yesterday.

  4. no come back, soul for real.
    just talk to us. that all we want

  5. Soul For Real is coming back, CeCe their Manager has them booked this week in Dubai, then Australia or Africa, and who knows after that. See FB/Twitter for details. My boys are coming back!

  6. what ever happened to music? when did it become cool to make songs about drugs and alcohol and having sex with every girl you see on the street just cause they had a big butt. what ever happened to funky and fun and soulful music that spoke to us ? why is it all of a sudden to be cool to be bad and to be a bad bitch? when was it good to be a bitch? what is wrong with the world?

  7. With proper care they would have been a 90’s sensation!!!! I wish for them fame fortune love n happiness!!!!

    • Mrs. Jase Dalyrimple November 21, 2016 at 12:44 am

      Here it is 2016 and Soul For Real is yet doing there thang. The lead singer Jason now goes by the name Jase4Real has nice music on YouTube also under the name Jason Oliver. Jase4Real has a banging song titled IYFLM. IF YOU FEELING LIKE ME. You can hear it on your local FM radio station. He also continues to tour with his brothers SFR. I love these guys. Yes, Brian is doing very well.

  8. They will forever be one I f the greatest groups of the 90′

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  10. The story about Heavy D finding them is true. Youll see him in their “Aint No Sunshine” video too. Excellent find and so much talent in those young men that still shine through in most of them today!

  11. Soul IV Real, Donnell Jones, Joe, 112, Chico Debarge, Jon B… music. Plan and simple.

  12. I loved that song! My mom bought the single

  13. Wow…a few days ago”CandyRain”popped in my head-Soooo much talent!! Sending bountiful blessings to them #Good Clean Music

  14. My kids, who were teenagers at the time,thought I was too old to be listening to THEIR music back in the 90s, but I LOVED it. SoulForReal is still one of my favorite groups. I hope they do a tour soon. This soon-to be-60-years old mother (and grandmother to a ten year grandson) will be there!

  15. I have 4 generations who love that song starting with me! Greatgrandma, still trying to learn those steps! 😁💃

  16. Come back we need real music

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