R U 4 Real?

Greetings, Mae Babes! I’ve had an amazing response to my call for guest bloggers and I’d like to introduce you to a new member of the Georgia Mae family. She goes by the name of “SimplyMetra” and she’ll be stopping by the site to dish on her guilty pleasure — reality T.V. So let’s get this party started…

Contributed by SimplyMetra

As many of you may not know, I am a true fan of reality television! So won’t you all join me on my weekly journey down “Reality T.V. Lane”!

So let’s start with the Monday shows. Real Chance of Love 2 seems to stand out the most. Who wouldn’t want to live with 30 other women in a made-for-T.V. mansion, get drunk, expose your wild side, dance, wrestle, and search for Bigfoot?

And what about Making His Band with Diddy…Or is it Daddy?… Or is it Puffy?… He changes his name like I change my…HAIR COLOR! Is it just me or does anybody out there find it strange that P. Diddy is the only one that can truly survive on his little planet of “Puffy”?

Ahhh…T. O. got a show! Mo and Kita are the best. What exactly is their job title? And how real was that argument the two lovelies got into this week? They get a “Flava Flav” WOOOOOWWW! Mo got a lil’ freak-a-leak in her. And Kita was a lil’ too square for me.

Now Tuesday takes us into a totally different world of reality. Tiny and Toya and Frankie and Neffe. Where do I begin? Tiny and Toya’s show is a bit boring to me. However, I like it because the personal journey that Toya is going through is truly a testament. Don’t hate. Motivate.

Frankie, Frankie, Frankie! It’s no way possible that she can be that hyper without being doped up some kinda way. And my best friend has started a petition for Neffe to stop crying.

Ending my week is, of course, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe is a trip! Dwight is two trips with icing on top! Sheree is really showing how hood she can really be and Kim is…well… I still haven’t figured out why Kim is on the show!

So this is only the beginning of my journey! I hope you all will join me and add your views of these shows as well. I look forward to chillin’ with you all and with that I will ask: R U 4 Real?

SimplyMetra is a wife and mother of 3 living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. She is currently working as a Special Education teacher of children who have Autism. During her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, going out to eat, reading, dancing, and blogging. Please feel free to check out her blog at www.simplymetra.blogspot.com or email at simplymetra@yahoo.com.



  1. Diddy…Or is it Daddy?… Or is it Puffy?

    He’ll always be Puff to me.

  2. Lol…Sean…Sean Jean…Sean Don…I still love his swag…or attitude…or confidence…O.K. Puffy is just conceited!

  3. Real and Chance’s Bigfoot fetish confirms that they are two weirdos.

    I think NeNe is so hilarious! She is the realest person on the show. Just something so fake about the rest of them.

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