Whatever Happened to: Troop

I’ve been known to give you ladies a hard time over your schoolyard crushes.

Like Immature, for instance – I said y’all were crazy for liking those Peter Pan rejects way back in 1993. I’ve always had the wisdom of a mature adult. That’s what makes me such a grumpy old man today.

But there was one group the ladies loved that I actually gave props to – Troop. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think they were dreamboats. Steve Russell, Allen McNeil, John Harreld, Rodney Benford and Reggie Warren actually looked kinda rough to me. But that’s from a dude’s perspective.

Plus, we all know, I’m a hater.

By the way, did you know TROOP is an acronym for “Total Respect Of Other People?”

Remember that tidbit if you make it on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

“Mamacita” was the lead single from their self-titled debut album in 1988. It’s funny, I don’t remember that song at all, even after checking out the video on Youtube. But take a look at it solely to see Donnie Simpson, dressed like he’s taking flying lessons, or driving cabs.

Troop’s second album, ’89’s Attitude, is the one everyone remembers most. How can you forget “Spread My Wings” or “All I Do Is Thing of You?” I’m not ashamed to admit I still rock both of those joints.

But ooh, Lord, those haircuts…

1992’s Deepa featured “Sweet November,” complete with sappy male R&B video. You know the type – one of the guys chases a girl and stops while she walks away. Then you see all the dudes sitting on rocks looking at the sky while singing. I call it the Boyz II Men Special.

A Lil’ Sumpin’ Sumpin’ dropped in 1994 and the only song I remember is “Do Me.” I’m sure you don’t remember it though – it sounded really dated, like something Bill Biv DeVoe would have done four years earlier.

Does anyone know why there are only three guys on the cover? I don’t remember anyone leaving the group and I couldn’t find anything online about a split occurring at this time. Maybe the other two members refused to be photographed with a shirtless man.

Did you know Troop had an album in 1998? I totally missed it. Their single, “The Way I Parlay” isn’t half bad by 1998 standards but it got no love on the radio, at least in Va. Maybe that’s why they took a hiatus soon afterward.

Should they come back?: If you ask them, they never left:

Yeah, that’s them today, courtesy of their MySpace page. They’re still touring, so if you wanna hear dudes in their 30s singing about middle school crushes, look for ’em at a town near you.

Also, Steve Russell wrote the only Chris Brown song I like, “Take You Down,” so he’s staying busy. He should have told him that song was NOT meant to be taken literally.



  1. uhh im not sure if i remember them. but Donnie Simpson’s outfit was awesome!! LOL

    • Yesssss lawd I remember them and who don’t remember spread my wings sweet November all I do is think of you. I’m proud to say I still listen to them today . The group was one of the hottest groups back then if not the hottest. What I do know is I’m always a fan of the group Troop.

  2. OMG can you do Soul 4 Real next?

  3. Well, no I don’t think that they should come back but they were on top of it back in the day. “Spread My Wings” and “All I Do is Think of You” were my jams and if those bad boys come on the radio today, I will rock it!

    Somebody should have told that little boy group, whoever they are that remade the Troop song that they were committing a crime! Sit down children! Messing up a good thing (Edd, I am sure you know who I am talking about).

    And last but not least, you know you are wrong for that Chris Brown comment…but you know I laughed!

  4. Troop was in Louisville for the first (or maybe the 2nd?) Soul Food Festival. They sang about three songs, left out either “All I do,” or “I will always love you” and spent the rest of their set validating their “we’re still hot” claim by bragging about all the songs they now write for other artists. Like Jordan Sparks.

  5. i would go and see them if i could. i love them the dance steps and the music i still smile really hard when i hear there music and watch there video’s so glad they are still touring!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I would love to take my 16 year old daughter and 20 year old son to see Troop, to show them what real music used to be like back in the day. It’s kinda kool introducing them to my old music and they actually enjoy it and can see that good music doesn’t have to include raunchy sexual lyrics or drugs.

  7. OMG I loved them and MAMACITA was my fave song lol!

  8. Who sang the lead on ” I will always love you”?

  9. I really like them. I love their songs. Especially “Spread My Wings”, All I Do Is Think of You. Would love to see their video.

  10. That was my group I tell you๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜™

  11. I remember troop i was in the eleventh grade. It was our homecoming song. Met my high school sweet heart then..good times..this was the error of the TROOP jackets..goose down jackets..gey does anyone remember the group DEELE?

  12. Hello,I’m Cynthia this was my group back in the 90’s I still have their 45″s the songs I loved the most were of course all I do is think of you, I will always love you,still in love forever,deepa & sweet november in which in my opinion sounded better thsm the orignal done by the deele with babyface.Troop was the second best group since New Edition.yes! Still In Love every time I hear their songs. Much love always.

  13. Very underated group / great music!

  14. Yes that group brings back high school memories, especially “all I do is think of you” song. Goose bumps๐Ÿ˜œ

  15. Love these brothers big time back in the day๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ

  16. The article was funny but I loved and still love Troop!

  17. Troop was & still IS what REAL music is made of!! The fellas are still doin’ it…all 5 original members!! Allen had left for awhile, but he’s now returned & the squad is working on new music as well as touring…so be on the lookout for these timeless cats!! Btw, Edd…you should TOTALLY do more of these!! Intro, Shai, UNV, & numerous groups/solo artists SINCE back then deserve the “Whatever Happened To…” treatment…feel me?! One.

  18. Troop was really hot back n the day, it’s too bad they never really got their big break. Allen McNeil got them black balled with the record companys. Reggie Warren been on drugs for years & probably still is today. All of them ended up broke, homeless & living off other people. The touring they do today only keeps food on the table & keep them on the internet, thank God for wifi. They lie about what they are doing today. All of them really aren’t doin shit bt dreamin of there past but of fame & the title: Grammy award winning Steve russell, doesnt mean anything,he’s drugged out & broke too. Troops biggest talent today is telling lies about where they are today. They even lied on unsung.Reggie Warren is not a chef,Rondey benford doesn’t have a barbeque line, Steve Russell writes & produces songs that nobody wants,Allen McNeil might be doin a little something but looks like crap & like drugs got him too & Jon Hareld might be a ok singer but is living in the matrix, he’ll never make it bc of his looks. Mabe if they get real jobs, they might make it while FAKE touring.I saw them perform in Atlanta & they looked bad & sounded worse. If they can FAKE it til they make it, mabe lightning might strike twice in the same place,who knows?

    • If you live in Atlanta, how do you know what they are doing since they live in California, btw, Reggie passed away today, hopefully this will not turn into one of your rants about him. jeez/

    • Nick dam um pretty negative and really does not apply to any of the hard work and trying , I can’t agree to say that trying is not a bad thing it’s admirable instead of putting others down despite what lives are like or not they seem to actually truely love people. God bless

      • Nick must be a pissed off r&b singer who never made it… Either way they have CLASSICS…. I wish them all the best and rest in peace to Reggie…
        Their music is the soundtrack to many peoples lives… I’m sure u can’t say the same…

    • Joan type error trying is never a bad thing it gives us things to still work towards and not enough time to sit and critise to a point things sound more personal! We love troop! Total respect of other people!

  19. One of my all time fave groups

  20. Yo Yo One Love Fam Hello Nick It’s Me Jon Jon From Troop To Be Honest With U We’re Actually Doing Quite Well So God Is Good And Still In The Blessing Business We Got Back Together In 04 Doing Concerts With 7 To 10 New Songs Out On ITunes And Amazon Steve Allen And Myself Also Have Solo Projects Out There Aswell The Remaining Members Are Rodney B Myself Allen And Steve. Reggie Is On Medical Leave Till Further Notice So When U Get A Chance On Facebook Please Look Up Pages WE LOVE TROOP!!! Troop Fan Club Total Respect Of Other People, Jon Jon’s Solo Project Finally, Team Jon Jon And Please Follow Me On Instagram @jonjonharreld So You’ll Know And See Everything That’s Going On With Us God Bless U On Your Day Have A Blessed Week And Please Stay Safe Out There One Love Fa’Sho…

  21. Troop was and still is the Truth! Nick your way off!!! All of them amazing humble loving men with pure talent. Doing amazing things & NOT on drugs!!! Reggie is on a LOA. They still got that it Factor!!! Their shows is a must see. PHENOMENAL!!! Each one of them hold their own! Please follow them & look up their new music & solo projects! Steve Russell also has a Short Film out. True Legends giving us magical music! Steve’s #1 hits with Troop was the last show I went to right before Covid. AMAZING Night! A MUST SEE!!! I can’t wait to go to the next one. I need a Troop concert night! ๐Ÿ’ฏ Love these guys!!!
    Sending out Love Light & Positive Energy
    Just Kee

  22. Just Kee Thanks Fam…Also Allen And Myself Have Solo Projects Out There Aswell When U Get A Chance On YouTube Please Check Out My Tribute To Luther Vandross Jon Jon Never Too Much Other Songs Girlfriend,I Wanna Fly Away And My Latest Single Covergirl.

    • big ups Jon Jon a real legend you guys all are, praying for good health for Reggie may he make a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on stage with you guys real soon, love from the UK

      • Thanks Fam I Really Appreciate U Actually We Have Our First Zoom Concert Today Show Starts At 7:30PM Eastern Time Doors Open Up At 6:30 Our Fan Pages On Facebook Are WE LOVE TROOP!!! Troop Fan Club Total Respect Of Other People, Jon Jon’s Solo Project Finally, Team Jon Jon And Please Follow Me On Instagram @jonjonharreld So You’ll Know And See Everything That’s Going On With Us God Bless U On Your Day Have A Blessed Week And Please Stay Safe Out There One Love Fa’Sho…

  23. What’s up Rodney??? I’m bumping that Hit Boy Broad Day. Heavy rotation in my whip, Spread my wings… Love that sample๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  24. That’s right !

    • Good Morning Joan Please Do Not Listen To Negative Nick However We Did Lose Our Brother Reggie This Past March The 14th. If U Want To Know What’s Going On With Us Please Look Up Pages On Facebook WE LOVE TROOP!!! Troop Fan Club Total Respect Of Other People, Jon Jon’s Solo Project Finally, Team Jon Jon And Please Follow Me On Instagram @jonjonharreld So You’ll Know And See Everything That’s Going On With Us Please Keep Us All In Your Prayers God Bless U On Your Day Have A Blessed Weekend…

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