Edd’s MANtra: Putting the Brakes on Brown

Here’s an addendum to my post on Sunday’s notorious BET Awards.

When it was announced that the show would be revamped into a Michael Jackson tribute show, a friend of mine wrote on Facebook that BET should reach out to Ne-Yo and Chris Brown for a performance.

My response?

Man, I better not see Chris Brown prancing around in highwaters. Ne-Yo, OK, but not Breezy.

I figured it was way too soon for Chris Brown to be spinning around on stage. I mean, he was just in court for the Rihanna massacre days earlier. I thought that if he did show his face he’d be booed into oblivion.

And since he didn’t make the show, I applauded BET for showing good sense, for once.

Oh, but silly me. BET and “good sense” is an oxymoron. Apparently BET DID attempt to get Chris Brown. According to The Source:

Chris Brown was scheduled to perform at Sunday’s BET Awards and had rehearsed for three days to perform, but was pulled the morning of the show after Jay-Z told event organizers that he wouldn’t perform if Brown was there. Jay-Z is, of course, very close to Rihanna who Brown abused earlier this year.

Of course, the hip hop community is now painting Jay as the bad guy. Rhodes scholar Juelz Santana called it a “sucker move” and said Jay’s “swagger was on zero,” whatever that means.

I’m not saying that Chris Easy-Breezy-Cover Girl should never be forgiven. But having him perform a high profile tribute after such a lengthy absence seems like a reward to me. I mean, I highly doubt I’d get to perform at the Keith Sweat memorial tribute show (perish the thought!) if I had been sentenced to probation after maliciously beating up my woman.

Actually if I maliciously beat up my woman I wouldn’t have gotten probation, I would have been put under the jail. But then again, I don’t have a Doublemint commercial so I’m not special.

Anyway, what do y’all think? Do you think Chris Brown should have performed or are Jay and I are just a couple of haters?

Well, we all know I’m a hater.



  1. I’m glad Jay-Z took a stand. I think it’s a shame it was only because Rihanna is a friend and not simply because Chris was wrong.

    Chris shouldn’t have been part of the tribute anyway. MJ made a lot of songs about being a better person and creating a better life, planet, etc…. Chris’ behavior does/did not mirror that.

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