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Disgraced NFL star Michael Vick has been released from prison and will begin home confinement after serving 19 months in prison on the dogfighting conviction that has been seen as one of the most astonishing falls in sports history. Vick’s agent says football is “on the back burner for now” for the quarterback, folks are already wondering if Vick will get a second chance. ESPN

Do you think Vick should be allowed to return to the NFL?

New rules for the credit card industry that are designed to protect consumers from surprise charges, such as over-the-limit fees and costs for paying a bill by phone, are part of a bill President Barack Obama is set to sign into law. Obama plans to sign on Friday an overhaul of credit card regulations that he blames in part for the economic downturn. Despite opposition from financial companies, the bill cleared Congress with broad support. ABC News

Stormy weather in Florida has delayed the landing of the space shuttle Atlantis. Its crew will have to stay in orbit for at least one more day at the end of NASA’s final mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. MSNBC

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  1. We were talking about Michael Vick at the job yesterday..Somebody will take him. His image is forever tarnished, but at the end of the day if he’s still a good player, somebody will need him. My beloved Cleveland Browns ought to welcome him with open arms lol..

  2. Shout Out! Ill be in the magic city too!! How about we meet at Vulcan’s left foot @ the big toe on saturday?!

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