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Four men who allegedly plotted to bomb a New York synagogue and shoot down military planes at an upstate New York Air National Guard base were arrested last night. The four men — three American, one Haitian — were apprehended after planting what they thought were live bombs outside a synagogue in the Bronx. The explosives were fake, sold to the alleged plotters during a year-long FBI sting operation. Officials claim the men said they wanted “jihad.” They are expected to appear in federal court today to answer charges, which include plotting to use weapons of mass destruction within the United States. ABC News

President Barack Obama will make a major national address today over the closing of the Guantanamo Bay prison. The address comes one day after the U.S. Senate – at the behest of his own majority Democrats – voted against Obama’s funding request to close the prison. CBS News

Authorities say a Minnesota mother and her cancer-stricken son refusing chemotherapy were in California as recently as Tuesday and might be going to Mexico to get treatment. Colleen Hauser and her 13-year-old son Daniel allegedly fled New Ulm, Minn., after a court-ordered medical exam showed Daniel’s Hodgkin’s lymphoma had worsened. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is considered highly curable with chemotherapy and radiation. FOX News

My hometown has made national news, but unfortunately it was over a police brutality case. Five Birmingham police officers have been fired for a January 2008 beating of an already-unconscious suspect with fists, feet and a billy club, a battering caught on videotape until a police officer turned off the patrol car camera. Click here to learn more about the case and see the distrubing footage.



  1. Is that mother serious?? So she’s against the treatment for religious reasons–ok I’ve got to respect that–but then of all places right now, you flee to Mexico?? Now that’s backwards.

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