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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is signaling he may resist President Barack Obama’s pressure to support Palestinian statehood as the two leaders try on today to tackle an array of Mideast issues on which they disagree. A senior aide to Netanyahu, national security adviser Uzi Arad, suggested the Israeli leader might not yield to pressure from Obama for a two-state solution to the Middle East conflict. He also seemed to hint that Israel might consider military action against Iran. FOX News

A school assistant principal became New York City’s first death linked to swine flu, and the number of cases in Japan surged to more than 120 on a wave of new confirmations, prompting government-ordered school closures and cancellations of public events. Mitchell Wiener, 55, died Sunday evening. He had been sick with the virus for nearly a week before the Queens intermediate school where he worked was closed on Thursday. In Japan, at least 121 people — most of them teenagers — have tested positive for the virus. All were recovering in local hospitals or their homes. ABC News

President Barack Obama, wearing the blue gown of the University of Notre Dame, joined commencement ceremonies Sunday at the nation’s leading Catholic university amid protests over his support of abortion rights and stem-cell research. Mr. Obama received a lengthy ovation from students and spectators when he walked onto the stage, and later when he was given an honorary Doctor of Laws degree, citing him for inspiring a healing of divisions of religion, culture, race and politics. Check out his speech below:



  1. I wonder how Obama felt after receiving the “honorary” degree. An organized protest was created, in his honor, at Duke…and he received a degree. ASU was supposedly honored to have him speak at its ceremony…no protests, and snub.

    hmmm…Makes you wonder who really gives a crap about an honorary degree. I doubt the “former” President of the United States of America is going to list an honorary degree on his/her resume.

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