My girls’ weekend needs a soundtrack

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ll be headed to New Orleans for a fabulous, and might I add much-deserved, girls’ weekend. First I’ll stop in Montgomery, Alabama to meet up with my road trip partner and then it’s off to the Big Easy.

A ladies first weekend is not complete without an estrogen-filled soundtrack.

Here are some of the CDs I plan to rock while I’m on the road:

“19,” Adele

“Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams,” Solange

“Rockferry,” Duffy

“Kissing Jessica Stein” soundtrack

“Because I Love It,” Amerie

“Metropolis: The Chase Suite,” Janelle Monae

“East Side Story,” Emily King

“It’s Not Me, It’s You,” Lily Allen

But I still have more empty slots in my CD travel case. Any suggestions?



  1. I know I am little late, but I really am getting into Feist. — ljm

  2. Whatever I put into the CD Player!! LOL

  3. I’m late too, but maybe on the way back..

    Foreign Exchange–Leave it All Behind

    Eric Roberson–Esoteric

    love them!!

  4. Ms Concrete, what you know about that Eric Roberson???

    I don’t have Esoteric but I have The Appetizer, Left and The Vault. They’re all pretty good.

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