Edd’s MANtra: Read All About It

I’m all about supporting my sistas, but I’m also quick to point out when they’ve lost their minds.

Today, that’s Tiallondra Kemp, baby momma of rap fraud Rick Ross.

I’m sure some of you already know all about it, but I haven’t chronicled the months-long Rick Ross/50 Cent feud here at Georgia Mae. When I start getting paid for this gig I’ll start being more timely. Anyway, 50 has been skewering Rawss since it was revealed that he was in fact NOT a millionaire drug lord but is in reality a former corrections officer.

I didn’t really see what the big deal was. Don’t y’all know that ALL these rappers are liars? Even Biggie, who professed to be a crime kingpin, was more or less the neighborhood weed man.

But I digress. 50 embarrassed Ricky Ross in nearly every way possible – culminating in the filming of Ms. Kemp having sex with some random dude while 50 mocked the entire thing.

Let me say that again, in case you missed it – Tia Kemp had sex with some random guy 50 Cent dug up just to spite Rick Ross.


And now she wants you to buy her book! From xxlmag.com:

Set to drop on paperback for $14.95, Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap, will be available in bookstores across the country as well as on Amazon.com on May 20.

“The reason I felt that it would be interesting to write a book is because I have had a very big struggle in my life,” she said. But fans hoping to read about Ross need not worry as Tia promises a lot of candid information about the Miami rapper. “When I met Ross he wasn’t a celebrity,” she explained. “There are a lot of things that I experienced in my life before I met Ross that was overwhelming or outrageous or just crazy. And there are a lot of things that we went through that I thought would be very interesting for people out in the world to hear.”

Rumor is that 50 promised to help Tia get her memoirs published if she’d agree to the sex tape. I guess he’s a man of his word. I know Karrine “Superhead” Steffans paved the way for these women to make money from writing about sleeping with celebrities but what on Earth does Tia have to gain from writing this book?

The book is touted as Tia’s life story, but we all know the real selling point it the stuff about Officer Ricky. Superhead’s book at least had a bizarre voyeuristic appeal – I supposed there is a market of people who’d want to know about Shaquille O’Neal’s genitals – but is there anyone out there who cares to learn about the “real” Rick Ross? We already know he lied about his past, likes food and is a mediocre rapper. What else is there?

Even if this woman has a compelling life story her writing career will always be marred. It doesn’t matter if she’s the next Toni Morrison, she’s always going to be known as 50 Cent’s pawn.

And did I mention she filmed a sex tape with a random dude? If that’s what you have to do become an author these days my memoirs will never see the light of day.



  1. Girllll BYE! Sad what folks will do for a lil change.

  2. Hilarious! It is not that serious. The mere fact that she would do such a thing shows that she has no self-respect for herself. Sad and I hope that no is looking to her as an example.

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