Edd’s MANtra: The Naked Truth

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your favorite singers have been acting like hussies.

Well, that’s what my my grandma would call them. Hussies.

A couple of weeks back, pop tarts Rihanna and Cassie had nude pictures plastered all over the Internet. You’ve probably seen – ahem, I meant to say heard about – them by now. There’s no way I’ll link to them – the wife would unleash ghetto rage upon my face.

As you can imagine the pics have caused quite a stir. According to RollingStone.com, Rihanna’s label, Island Def Jam, is pissed, warning Web sites to remove ’em immediately.

But what struck me as odd was Cassie’s response to her own pictures, via her Twitter:

“It seems someone has hacked into my computer… that’s real foul and evil. Now stop acting like you haven’t seen a titty before.”

Really? That’s ALL you have to say? If someone invaded my personal stash to post my business online, I’d be a bit more salty about the situation. She just seemed mildly annoyed, not upset.

And while we’re at it, who keeps naked photos of themselves on their home computer? I’ve dated, er, heard about, many scandalous ladies in my day, and none of them had pictures of their own booty as a screen saver. And those ladies were broke! Why on Earth would a celebrity do that?

Unless she wanted them to leak. Hmm….

Look at the facts. I had never heard of Kim Kardashian until the Ray J sex tape. Paris Hilton became a household name (for better or worse – mostly worse) when her flick dropped. I still don’t know what a Lindsay Lohan is but I do know she’s always wildin’ out. I guess Cassie is trying to get in that elite company. She’ll at least be in line for a reality show.

At least Rihanna’s camp attempted damage control. Two or three different sets of Cassie photos leaked and she hardly said a word. I guess she figured any publicity is good publicity – after all, she’s the woman who recently shaved half her head, Britney-style, to get attention. It’s a shame a sister has to pimp herself out to remain relevant.



  1. The things people do for fame!

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