Calling all ‘Idol’ fans

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Though some said the “American Idol” final results were too close to call, most figured Adam Lambert was the obvious winner. But last night it was boy-next-door Kris Allen who bested Lambert for the title in a shocking finale. MSNBC said “simplicity triumphed over showmanship” with the unexpected win.

‘Idol’ fans, what do you think of the results?

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  1. I didn’t watch every episode of Idol, but I was rooting for Adam. I’ve seen enough boring, vanilla singers win AI. (No offense to Kris or his fans.)

    But I’m also happy for Adam that he’s not stuck in the AI contract. I think he and his guyliner will do much bigger things on their own.

  2. I watched AI and I like both Kris and Adam(whom I loved). I had a feeling Kris woyld win because he is the boy next door, heart thob type. But I agree with Maisy that its a good thing Adam won’t be under the whole AI thing. Plus that song they wrote for them sucks.

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