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Rescuers worked frantically in this central Italian city early Tuesday, scooping through piles of rubble with their hands in the search for survivors after the country’s deadliest earthquake in nearly three decades. A powerful 4.9-magnitude aftershock sent rescue workers and survivors scrambling. Tens of thousands of people left homeless by the powerful 5.8-magnitude quake are sleeping in makeshift tents. Entire blocks were flattened in the mountain city of L’Aquila and nearby villages by Monday’s temblor. The death toll is now up to 207 and more than 1,500 people were injured. Many are missing. CBS News

The suspect in last week’s deadly shooting at a Binghamton, New York, immigrant center believed he had been harassed for years by undercover police officers, according to a letter received by a New York television station and purportedly written by that suspect, Jiverly Wong. The package that arrived Monday at News 10 Now in Syracuse also contained photographs of Wong with two handguns, his gun permit and his driver’s license. The package was postmarked April 3, the day of the shooting at the American Civic Association in Binghamton where Wong parked his car blocking a back entrance and entered through the front door, shooting two receptionists and then more people in a classroom. In the end Wong killed 13 people, wounded four others and then turned the gun on himself. The letter was dated more than two weeks earlier, March 18, indicating a troubled Wong had considered the act for some time. CNN

Turkish police detained a man after receiving a hoax tip that he was plotting to kill President Barack Obama but quickly released him without charge. The anonymous e-mail gave the suspect’s address in Istanbul, but the IP address from which the e-mail was sent was traced to the United States. MSNBC

The Canadian man who led fighter jets on a chase across six states yesterday flew his stolen plane into the U.S. in hopes that the military would shoot him down, Missouri State Trooper Justin Watson told “Good Morning America.” Yavuz Berke, formerly known as Adam Leon, wanted to commit suicide, but didn’t have the courage to do it himself. Berke allegedly stole a Cessna plane from a Canadian flight school and was pursued for hours across the Midwest by fighter jets before being taken into custody after he landed on a Missouri highway and ran. Berke was apparently treated for depression last Friday and left his girlfriend a good-bye note, Canadian officials told the U.S. government. Berke’s vehicle was left at the airport in Canada with the keys still in it. ABC News

Barack Obama wrapped up his first foreign trip as president with a request of the world: Look past his nation’s stereotypes and flaws. “You will find a partner and a friend in the United States of America,” he declared before a group of college students in Istanbul. “The world will be what you make of it,” Obama said. “You can choose to make new bridges instead of new walls.” ABC News

Federal officials confirmed Monday they found traces of salmonella in a central California pistachio processing plant that sparked a nationwide recall of the nut. The Food and Drug Administration said state and federal inspectors discovered the bacteria in “critical areas” at Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc., the second-largest pistachio processor in the nation. FDA officials also said they found places at the facility where raw and roasted nuts could have become cross-contaminated with salmonella. Setton Pistachio, which sells its nuts to Kraft Foods Inc. and 35 other wholesalers across the country, temporarily shut down after voluntarily recalling more than 2 million pounds of nuts last week. CBS News

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday on 8-year-old Sandra Cantu, whose body was found in a suitcase in a dairy-farm pond near her California home. Police found the girl’s body Monday, after she went missing March 27 in Tracy, California. Police did not identify a suspect in her disappearance and did not know the cause of death. CNN


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