Ladies, it’s time to do an “About Face”

This video was posted on yesterday, but I decided to post it here too to make sure you all saw it.

The video is a short documentary on About-Face, a project that strives to equip women and girls with tools to understand and resist media messages that damage their body image and self-esteem.

Check it out and maybe you’ll be inspired to start a program like this in your city. Or even if you can’t take on a project like this, think of one small thing you can do to do an “about face” in your life when it comes to body image. For example, if you complain about your body — whether you think you’re too fat or you think your boobs are too small — stop it! (I’m talking to myself more than anyone else right now). We need to be especially careful about what we say in front of young girls. If they look up to you and you say you’re on some fad diet, pretty soon they’ll be on one too.

For more information on About-Face or to donate to the program visit



  1. dont know if i would want a life size cardboard of myself placed in the middle of the mall. but i enjoyed the video.

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